Yale Zwave Lock no longer reports events but sends actions

I have a YALE ASSURE YRD256-ZW2 (Z-Wave Plus) which had no issues until recently.

I replaced the batteries (it now reports 100% battery, the only "event" that comes from it), excluded it from the network, removed it, re-added it. I can send it lock & unlock commands, changes to lock codes and all of this works but I don't get any of the events I used to get when the door was physically locked, unlocked with a certain code. Since I don't know who unlocked the door, most of my automation can't work anymore.

The device is securely paired ( * zwaveSecurePairingComplete: true), has a direct connection to the hub which seems pretty strong:

I am going a little crazy trying to solve this. I feel that a number of my Z-Wave devices have been temperamental recently. I have a bunch of Zooz switches, Zooz Siren, 2 Garage openers, a few random buttons and motion sensors.

The only thing I can think of is a change to the Z-wave driver or general network code with recent versions of the Hub (C-7) software. Any idea?

Do you have a zooz 4in1 sensor, the zse40, by chance?
I have a few when I transitioned from ST to C7. All the things working fine before transition. I noticed the zwave starts sluggish after a week. It got better when the zse40 ran out of battery and I didn't replace the batteries. Only found out recently that ZSE40 and c7 due to not being able to add it with no secure so it adds it as s0 by default. Solution was to use a secondary countroller through pc and add without security.

I had one zooz zen27 issue before finding out and thought that switch was faulty, took it out and threw it away.

Tldr. If you have a zooz zse40 sensor, then add them with a 2nd controller thru pc or taken them off the mesh, hopefully that solves your probelm

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