Yale YRD110 B1L Reverse?

Greetings everyone. Now that I have figured out how to reconnect the Yale B1L to my hubitat, thanks to the other threads, I am wondering if anyone has any information to how to flip the direction of the lock through hubitat and/or resetting the device.

I cannot find any information on this in the documentation, youtube videos, or the like. I just had our doors replaced, and I had the swing of my door flipped. Thus now the deadbolt locks in the opposite direction. There does not seem to be an option in hubitat to get it to reverse (which really should be something the internal firmware should be able to do for 'lock mode' but doesn't seem to exist).

I'd hate to replace this lock just for this reason, but it's been nothing but a headache.


I have never heard of reversing a lock through software. I looked at the install instructions for this lock, and they are like any other lock I have installed, electronic or manual.

You just have to be sure to install the lock properly compared to the deadbolt. There isn't anything really hard about it.

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Right. That’s why this seems so strange. It seems to be installed correctly. In other non z wave smart locks I’ve installed, the hardware had to be switched to ‘the other way’ to get it to understand how to lock correctly.

This one seems to be where the locking mechanism can rotate either way, by having the lock open when installing it, and the lock could only spin in one direction. Testing it just now, the lock code fails to open the lock because it thinks it is already open, or so it seems.

Unless the door installers did something to it like taking apart the internals, it just seems like there would be some way for it to know that it needs to work in reverse.

I think this is similar to what worked with my YRD216.

Advanced Lock Settings – Handing the Lock

Handing is a word used to show how the door swings. To determine door handing, stand on the outside of the door and check where the hinges are.Doors with hinges on the left are left handed. Doors with hinges on the right are right handed. Handing determines if the latch bolt is directed to the left or right.

Handing a Yale Keypad Lock

Assuming the bolt is retracted, take the following steps.

  • Touch the keypad to activate the lock.
  • Enter the master PIN code followed by the (#) key. This puts you in menu mode.
  • Select 3 ‘Advanced Lock Settings’ then press the (#) key.
  • Select 5 ‘handing the lock’ followed by the (#) key.
  • Press the (#) key again to allow the bolt to hand.
  • The bolt automatically extends; now handed in the right direction.

Perfect. That was it. Thank you so much!

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