Yale YRD-256 Zigbee Battery Reporting


The release notes for firmware 2.16 indicated that the battery level reporting was "fixed" for the Yale YRD-256. I'm assuming this was only for the z-wave model? I have the Zigbee model (using the Yale Zigbee Lock driver) and it's still reporting 200% on a fresh set of batteries.

it was, for model YRD256 TSDB
yours is model YRD226/246 TSDB
These need to be dealt with on a model by model basis.

I'll update the driver to include YRD226/246 TSDB as well.

The box for mine lists it as: Model# YRD256-HA2-619, perhaps the zigbee module changes the reported model #?

no mater what the box says, the model info the driver uses is listed in the data section, under model.
This is the model info the device reports during join.

The 226, 246 and 256 locks are identical except for physical differences on the outside. 226 has a key option, 246 (I have one) has a different appearance to the external keypad from 256 (I also have one). But the motor and control boards are similar. These three models all accept the same type of module, whether an August Bluetooth module, HomeKit Bluetooth module, Zigbee module, or Z-Wave module.

It's the modules that are different, so that must be where the reporting issue is. There is a difference between the controller boards from my YRD256 that ships with a Z-Wave module, to my YRD246 that shipped with the HomeKit module, but I don't know if this makes the two incompatible with their respective modules. Might have just been a manufacturing revision that has nothing to do with module type. There's nothing to indicate I cannot exchange the modules between them, but I have not tried swapping them. The modules do both have the identical form factors, unlike other Yale modules, so it should work.

I don't have the other models to compare with, but mine shipped with the zigbee module as indicated in the manufacture model # YRD256-HA2-619. Seems strange that it's identifying in the data section as something other than what it is, but I don't think it matters in the end @mike.maxwell just needs to get the battery reporting fixes into the driver as he stated he will.


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