Yale wrong code entered

Is it a way to manage when wrong codes are entered in Yale (or others) locks ?

By example, it could be nice if a message would be received in case of wrong codes, and trigger related rules (switch lights, warning message, etc),


I dont know of any zwave or zigbee locks that report a bad code entry to the hub.

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too bad... thx anyway for the reply !

Seems like an oversight doesn't it? That seems like a really good thing to know and to be able to react upon.

Obviously, a definitive YES.
That feature (but not hubitat's mistake) could be interesting to know more about people trying to "test" the lock (take pic of the intruder, trigger an alarm/sms) and somehow allow to create new rules in case of allowed limited code (I think to my postman: a validated code could trigger a magnet to release a bigger mailbox, without opening the main door).
Maybe in the future...