Yale with zigbee module?

I have a bunch of Yale locks with the zwave module. I have grown to hate zwave, and I am thinking of replacing all of my zwave switches and dimmers with Caseta. If I do this, I probably won't have enough zwave repeaters to make my locks work reliably.

Yale makes a zigbee module for my locks, and I already have several devices that act as zigbee repeaters.

Is anyone successfully using the zigbee module for Yale Assure locks with Hubitat?


I ordered the Zigbee version of the Yale Assure SL from Amazon. It turned out to have been previously opened and returned. What I ended up with was a lock with an old Z-Wave module. The person had swapped it out and returned it. Argh.

I finally did get the Zigbee module. While waiting I used the Z-wave. What a pain in the backside. I was never so happy as when I swapped out that Z-wave for the intended Zigbee module.

Works fine now. Rock solid.


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Doh. Looks like my lock might not work with the zigbee module. It does have a removable z-wave module in it, but my model is not listed as compatible. Lock model number is YALD240ZW619.

Bummer. Well, then order from Aeotec Range Extenders. Works for many other people and probably less then the cost of Zigbee modules (had they been compatible). Certainly less than the cost of new locks.

True. A couple of my buddies use Z-wave exclusively. If I buy new locks, I'll just donate my old ones to them or stick them on rental properties.

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