Yale Lock IFTTT integration with Google Assistant

Just installed the Yale YDR 226 smart lock with ZWave Plus. I wanted to set it up with Google home, but from looking at past threads, looks like I can only integrate with Google assistant via IFTTT(?).

When trying to set up lock via simple phrase between google assistant and Hubitat, IFTTT does not recognize the yale lock under available lock devices (loading status in IFTTT app).

I have it set up as a generic zwave lock device with lock template.

I've tested the lock and unlock command in Hubitat.

Why isn't IFTTT recognizing my hubitate lock? Am I supposed to configure it more in Hubitat?

I'm a noob and any answers with virtual switches - I'd appreciate a link to a thread that explains how to do it specifically for locks.


Have you added the lock to the list of Hubitat devices available to IFTTT?

Thatโ€™s done in the IFTTT integration app, from the hubitat admin interface.

Thanks Mark! That's it. I tried doing the same for google home, but unfortunately it wouldn't translate. My google assistant now works via IFTTT.

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