Yale Assure Z-Wave compatibility

I'm considering this lock:

  1. Is it compatible? I can only see the Zigbee Assure lock on the compatibility list.

  2. Will I be able to trigger rules based on 'who' entered their code to open the door?

It probably is with Generic Z-Wave Lock driver, but why not get the YRD256 Z-Wave Plus. I have that one and it works perfectly. Nicer looking from the outside too.

I bought mine on a warehouse deal for $175 CAD. It was in perfect condition and it's been rock solid. Really happy with that lock. Here's four of them for $156.12 US

Perfect. Will order. What cool stuff can I then do? Can I recognize who 'came home'?

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Yes. I get notified who opened the lock. I auto-unlock with presence and lock automatically with my goodnight scene. Also have it set to auto-lock if we forget. Once last person leaves the geofence, it will lock if we didn't do it.

I use my door sensor to make sure it only locks when the door is closed to prevent someone from accidentally locking it or auto-lock kicking in by mistake and then ending up with someone trying to close the door and damaging the jamb because the bolt was out.

I also tie my alarm disarm to the code entry. So when an authorized person unlocks the door, the alarm disables too.


Can I ask what brand of alarm are you using? I also have the Yale Lock but my alarm cannot be integrated, which is what I have been looking at achieving by replacing the alarm.

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@maxbonney Welcome to the community.
You would be best served if you start a new topic and fully outlined your problem/question. More community members are likely to respond to an alarm question if it is the title of the post rather than a question about alarms buried in an older topic.

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I agree the suggestion to start a new thread will likely serve you better. However, I'm happy to explain what I have done. I have an iSmart Alarm. It isn't compatible with much. There is an IFTTT skill, but it is limited and typically slow to respond. The IFTTT skill for arming disarming generally worked, but not reliable enough, and on occasionally the alarm wouldn't disarm fast enough, leaving my wife quite unimpressed. The only other integration they introduced was arming/disarming via Alexa. Fast, but only controllable by voice.

So since other integrations either don't exist yet, or would cost more than I was willing to invest, I decided to use all blunt stick and force integration into submission. :wink:

I am using a Xiaomi Zigbee dual channel relay, but any compatible relay would work. One like Quibino low voltage or HubDuino would allow control without adding extra relays. The Xiaomi is not an isolated dry contact relay, so I had to engage two 110v relays with the main Xiaomi dual channel Zigbee relay to give me isolated "dry" contacts. I then soldered wires to one of the arm and disarm button contacts of one of the iSmartAlarm remotes. Instant direct integration.

So the Xiaomi relay closes one of its contacts for a second, and that closes the contacts on a 110v relay, so its isolated contacts close. That then become the equivalent of pushing that button on the remote. This method can be used with any alarm system that come with a remote. It's hacky, but works perfectly every time.

This will help illustrate what I’m describing

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An update I just learned about. Abode, already IFTTT compatible, can now be armed and disarmed from Google Assistant. So if you use Google Assistant Relay, you can arm/disarm Abode via HE rules by issuing silent commands to Google Assistant. I use that method for my Non Z-Wave August Smart Lock on my back door, and before the most recent HE platform update, I was also using it to trigger virtual motion sensors in the SmartThings Cloud to trigger Alexa TTS announcements.

The HE Rule Machine rule is simple. When a specified known user code is entered, the action is to disarm the system. Arming in my setup is triggered by all known users being outside the geofence, and all doors closed and locked.

Thanks for the info. Although my alarm (a DSC) is extremely reliable, I know what you mean about the wife, mine was not sympathetic to even setting it until we were broken in and most of her jewelry was stolen, even though they were only in for the entrance delay time. She now understands. Police said that all I could do extra is install cameras so I know they are breaking in and I have now done that. My DSC does not have the ability to control or even see its state remotely and I want to fix that, so thanks for the info.

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Can you unlock/lock remotely when not at home?

Yes, but there’s more than one way to accomplish this so I’ll tell you the two ways that I can currently do it. I use HomeKit so I just expose my lock to HomeKit via Homebridge and that’s one way. The second way I can do it is by adding it to the dashboard and then using a Remote dashboard button.

If you have VPN access to your hub you could also do it that way. I access my hub through TeamViewer, so I could technically do it that way, but it’s so much less convenient, I never would.

Thanks man! I've only been using HE for a few days... I downloaded the app but it hasn't been set up yet... Will need to soon.

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I have connected my Yale YRD256 to Hubitat, but when I try to connect it to Google Home, it doesn’t appear in my Google Home App.

How can I connect it?

Does this lock send a "tamper" code if the wrong code is entered too many times?

No idea. I've never entered the wrong code on purpose to test. I've have accidentally entered a wrong or different code a few times before. There's apparently a 60 second timeout if you enter the wrong code more than 6 times, but I have never tried it, and don't know if that sends something via Z-Wave.

I'm moving soon and so the modules are not in my locks. Locks are staying with the house; modules are coming with me for my new locks that I ordered without modules included. Maybe someone with a Z-Wave or Zigbee module currently in use could test that for you.