Yale Assure 2 Zwave

I just picked one of these up and now am trying to add to HE.
A little confused.

The inclusion process it says to enter master entry code? Is this the code I programmed? If it is I am not having any luck in adding it.

I don't have that lock but with my Schlage locks the master entry key is the key you need to enter to modify the lock settings and programming. There is usually one set by the manufacturer but you can usually set your own so it's easier to remember. You'll need the original code the manufacturer set.


Thank you for your clarification. I have that code and it is now paired! Thanks.


Just curious, what driver did you end up using for the Assue 2 Zwave? I have one arriving in a couple of days and I see there isn't yet a driver specific to the Assure 2 yet..

I used the generic zwave lock driver. Have not done a lot with it yet though. Seems solid so far.