Yagusmart Zigbee Smart Wall Light Switch

Anyone tried these? any recommendations for other neutral-less switches?

Yep. I did a thread about them here: UK Light switches – My experiences (2021)

thanks for that, a great read, will order a few and see how i get on

any idea where to buy them that doesnt take 4 weeks to arrive?

Amazon didn’t take four weeks to arrive for me? Maybe a week?

well fingers crossed, estimating delivery in feb

what depth back box do they need? looks like 25mm should do it?

I have 35mm back boxes because I used to have Energenie smart switches, these ones fitted easily so I think 25mm will be fine.

Do these people make a switch which fits into a North American box?

Have you used them in a 2 way situation? struggling to get my head around how it would work! as far as i can see they just pass voltage straight through and the bulb is constantly live which it would have to be to allow other automations.

so one common input / switch required. disconnect 2 way conversion cables and as long as each switch has one lamp connected, the other ways can be left empty but the switches used in a 2 way config in HE?


None of mine are in two way. I cheated and used a battery button upstairs and capped the wires.