Xiaomi temperature sensor not reporting

Hello, I'm completely new to the Hubitat, so still very much at the tinkering stage! I've bought a few cheapo Xiaomi sensors, and got them installed successfully, with the non-official drivers.

The door sensors work a treat, and I've already got one soldered up for use as an input device for a water monitor. Result.

I'm thinking I've not done something right, however, as it doesn't seem to be reporting enough. If I press the button, it reports, but otherwise there are huge gaps of 3 to 14 hours or so.

It's the RTCGQ01LM

Any clues on where I should be looking for this, please?

I'm new on hear but I have one of these on Smartthings, it only ever seems to report changes.
Turn up the heat or humidity and see how often then