Xiaomi Outlet Driver Generating Warning Logs

I have these Xiaomi Plugs working with Markus’ drivers (I know he is not on board anymore) and they have worked perfectly for me for months.

Now I have noticed that they generate a “warning” log every 8 minutes.

They still work correctly, and I have no idea of what may be causing it.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Thanks in advance!

I'd try hopping over to the supported driver and give that a whirl.
Xiaomi Aqara Mijia Sensors and Switches.
Don't forget to hit Configure if you do.

Many of Markus' drivers generate these logs due to not being updated to keep up with HE firmware changes, not just for these devices. They will still function perfectly however. Have you tried using the generic outlet drivers?

Unfortunately @chirpy doesn't have a driver for this particular device.

Yes, I’ve tried but the Xiaomi Aqara Mijia Sensor and Switch driver does not report power correctly (although the outlet does).

Neither does the generic Zigbee Outlet driver.