Xiaomi motion sensor cheap?

Will this motion sensor link up to HE? I can't find the device "name/number" on AliExpress, so I can't compare it with a list of user supported devices.

Also, this is a good price right?


DKK 44.47 26%OFF | Xiaomi MIJIA Aqara Human Body Sensor Mi Motion Sensor ZigBee Version Smart Home Linkage for Mi Home APP Wireless Connection

I've got the equivalent Aqara model. They link up to HE. The drivers are community provided (they are not built in). Available drivers are both for Aqara and Xiaomi motion sensors.

The price depends from the delivery costs. I've got a bunch of them for 11 euros each all included.(be careful, the 6.xx usd dollars price is related to the stand only…)

The zigbee backhaul must also be Xiaomi compatible (e.g. Ikea repeaters). Generally no bulbs repeater are compatible.

Good call. I thought it was for the motion sensor it self.
How are they working for u?

Like a sharm. I've not got any troubles as many other users. You must at first build the zigbee net, in my opinion, with only Xiaomi compatible repeater. Otherwise you get in troubles…

Read carefully the folloeing thread:

I will second that.

If you are going to use xiaomi devices you need to be very careful about your selection of mains powered zigbee devices. Selecting the wrong one will make your xiaomi devices drop off the network, because of the quirky nature of how xiaomi devices implemented zigbee.

So if you're not willing to be selective on the rest of your zigbee devices, don't start using xiaomi devices at all.


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