Xiaomi (Mi) Motion sensor

I know there are many threads about this specific sensor (or Mi sensors in general)
but I've gone through some of them and could not find the answer for this basic problem.

I am trying to migrate this sensor from ST hub to Hubitat.

so I reset it pressing its button 3 seconds.
its blue led blinks 3 times
then I start zigbee pairing on Hubitat.
I see a solid blue light on sensor once, then Hubitat UI shows:

Found Zigbee Device with id 00158D00016DA00F


But it stays at this state forever. The sensor never initialize and turns to a device.
I installed 2 different devices using " Hubitat Package Manager"
but I'm not sure if this is a correct step.

Any idea about what I'm doing wrong ?

Install this package as all my Xiaomi stuff works with these drivers. I migrated from ST only a few months ago.
Xiaomi Aqara Mijia Sensors and Switches
When you get a "Device" installed instead of the actual device you expect edit it and change the driver to the one listed above. Change the device and and label if you wish and Save.
Then hit Configure and you should be good to go.

I finally found the solution in this thread:

Basic pairing instructions (except for Leak sensor, Smart Wall Switches, & Smoke Detector):

  1. Navigate to the Device Discovery page of your hub's web UI and click "Zigbee" to put the hub in ZigBee discovery mode.
  2. Hold the Xiaomi / Aqara device's reset button until the device's LED flashes 2-3 times, which indicates it has started pairing mode.
  3. After a brief pause, the LED will flash again:
  • 2-3 quick flashes indicates success
  • 1 long flash means pairing has not started yet.
  1. In either case, keep the device "awake" by short-pressing the reset button repeatedly (about every 2-3 seconds, following the same push and LED response sequence described in steps 2-3 above), until the device is recognized by Hubitat.
  2. If the device does not appear by the end of the ZigBee discovery time period, try again. If pairing continues to fail after 10 minutes of attempts, please see this thread focusing on pairing and keeping Xiaomi / Aqara devices connected .

Step 4 saved me...

That fixed it for me too. That and turning off near radios like Hue etc

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I have used all these drivers in the past as I have been using Xiaomi with ST since they were available. Just use the package I suggested as it's the most reliable and currently user supported.
I really had no issues pairing except the button device which required a deep press to click the reset switch inside the button every 5 seconds or so. It then joined right away.

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