Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2S

I am sorry if I am asking something that is obvious or asked 1000 times before, but is it possible to control Mi Air Purifier 2S via Hubitat Elevation hub or not. I did install Xiaomi purifier drivers but don't know what to do next and how to add device (if it is even possible)?

You need to have mi connector which is installed on a 3rd device (eg raspberry pi) to act as a bridge to HE. Google Mi Connector which will bring up more details - you can also search on the hubitat forums.

You'll of course need to be comfortable with setting up a raspberry pi and installing apps on it + you will need to get the device token for the purifier (again do a google search as to how to do this as it is quite involved).

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Thank you, Now I understand what was "missing link" and it is Mi Connector. I thought that it was hubitat app and looked for it in hubitat app but couldnt find it.

And if I get xioami mi hub? Can it replace rospberry and then connect hub to hubitat via zigbee?

I ask this as I have two humidifiers and one purifier so would be great if I could connect all of them.

You will still need some form of bridge as the hub cannot be directly connected to HE.

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