Xiaomi / Aqara ZigBee device drivers (possibly may no longer be maintained)

Yeah, but do you have OTHER repeating devices that may be incompatible???

You never know which repeater a device picks (unless you look on an xbee, or similar). I've seen devices right next to a repeater pick a different repeater on the other side of my house MANY times.

If you have other repeating devices that are incompatible, you will have recurring issues no matter how many compatible ones you have, as sooner or later the device will likely pick the wrong one.

You can try this.
It will show what repeater is repeating what device.

Just be aware that it doesn't always work perfectly, because as I understand it the report is based on routing table data it receives from devices.

Indeed, you make a good point.
And yes, I did check that. (http://ip address/hub/zigbee/getChildAndRouteInfo).
Guess what - it showed that the motion sensor was routing through a Iris outlet that was further away, not the closer Tradfri repeater! (@JasonJoel - you were right!)
How about that!
So, I've:

  1. Shutdown the Hub (another 15 minutes or so to go)
  2. While it's shutdown I've physically removed the Iris outlet
  3. I will restart the Hub , and hopefully it will now route through the Tradfri

I don't know why the Iris outlet is not a good Xiaomi repeater, but apparently it isn't (to be confirmed).
Does anyone know if the Samsung outlet is a good repeater?

Neither the Samsung (edit: that may not be true of the newest model - see post below) nor Iris are compatible with Xiaomi devices.

I've had both, and can confirm that both of them broke my Xiaomi devices.

Although there are multiple models of the Samsung outlet, I only tested one version (not the latest model, 1 version before that).

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My and others' experience has been that Xiaomi/Aqara devices can be stubborn in choosing a new ZigBee parent (i.e., a repeater, or the hub itself).

If your steps result in the motion sensor dropping its connection, just remember you should first try to get it back on the network by re-joining it, without deleting it from your hub's device list.

Try, in this order:

  1. Put hub in discovery mode, and short-press the motion sensor's reset/pair button. If this doesn't get it connected, then...
  2. Put hub in discovery mode, and long-press the motion sensor's reset/pair button, just as though you are pairing it. If this doesn't work, then unfortunately, you need to...
  3. Delete the device, and pair it as a new device. Doing this would break any automation / rules though.

The reason why is somewhat technical, but basically Xiaomi / Aqara devices don't check in as often as most ZigBee devices, and most repeaters have a timeout on device checkin which is shorter than that of Xiaomi / Aqara devices, so the repeaters kick them off their device list. Then when the Xiaomi / Aqara devices come back trying to connect, they don't perform a rejoin sequence as asked to by the repeater.

The newest model, Samsung's 2018 Zigbee Outlet - model GP-U999SJVLDAA, has been reported by one user to work as a repeater for Xiaomi / Aqara devices. As far as I know, the other older models are not "friendly."

You probably should have a read through at least the first post of my other thread:

There's lists of repeater-capable devices reported / known to both work and not work with Xiaomi / Aqara devices.

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That was me. :slight_smile: I'd love confirmation from others, but a couple devices have worked well routing through it so far for me. It gets hard for me to tell after a while, however, since neither the hub nor XCTU show all my devices no matter how long I wait or how often I try (but as noted above, they seem hesitant to find new routers so I'm fairly confident).

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I specifically purchased two IRIS outlets, becausethey were both Zigbee and Zwave!!
FOOEY! (again)
I have three Samsung (older model) Zigbee outlets!!

Anyone want to buy some outlets???

Just out of curiosity, when the next generation of Xiaomi sensors come out (reputed to be Zigbee 3.0 compliant), does that mean that we'll be able to use all Zigbee outlets as repeaters for them?

If they implement the zigbee protocol as strictly as it should. Yes.

But if they do a implementation "of there own". It probably won't.

One more question.
After I get all m

cheers @veeceeoh for straightening out my wonky perception.

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Well, Xiaomi are not Z-Wave, and they’re not fully Zigbee either :wink:

No one (Other than maybe an engineer at Shenzhen Green Rice Lianchuang Technology Co., Ltd) knows this. We will have to get them in our hands.

I have a question too.

What was your question? :rofl:


will be reporting back in 2 weeks to confirm if removing my nue zigbee dimmers (3a) from my zigbee mesh fixes my slow/dropping xiaomi motion sensors.
i really hope it works!

My apologies for not getting it out.
If I get my zigbee mesh working, can I then add some older Zigbee repeaters? That is, once in place, will a device change it's zigbee route? Or, once it's in place, that's it.
Obviously, I want to know if I can add back some of those outlets, or is it only Xiaomi (and friendly).

Zigbee will change routes frequently. You have to either give up Xiaomi, or give up on those repeaters.

I’d give the repeaters the boot personally, and head to IKEA for some more TRÅDFRI outlets and meatballs (didn’t think I’d be writing that twice in one evening). Then I’d order even more Xiaomi :crazy_face:

Once determined, I can add your report to my list of repeaters that do / don't work with Xiaomi / Aqara devices over in my other thread, Xiaomi & Aqara Devices - Pairing & Keeping them connected.

Just to clarify, is this the Nue Dimmer Switch that you have?

If yes, I also wonder if it possible to link / integrate the Nue ZigBee Bridge with a Hubitat Hub so that any Nue devices could be connected the the Nue Bridge to isolate them away from Xiaomi / Aqara devices.

As @SmartHomePrimer explained, ZigBee devices are free to change their network route as needed, so there's no guarantee a Xiaomi / Aqara device won't spontaneously decide to connect to an "unfriendly" repeater.

That said, some people have managed to keep their "unfriendly" repeaters far away enough from their Xiaomi / Aqara devices that they manage to coexist peacefully. I think it's just hit or mess / dumb luck, however.

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Ha would love to but they don't sell the repeaters here in Australia I don't think. They do have the lights.

I am disconnecting the nue switches tho. Will sell them away.

Hmm, that brand of outlets were said to work. I swear, we need an Australian Zigbee repeater section on this forum to help you guys, or for IKEA to get off their bums and certify the Trådfri Outlets for you.

Take a look further up in that thread too. There are some other type that are said by several to work as well, plus they are inexpensive and relatively easy to get in Australia. You just need to add a cord to them to they can route the Xiaomi devices for you. Don't actually have to use them as a switch.

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