Xiaomi / Aqara ZigBee device drivers (possibly may no longer be maintained)

New Xiaomi Aqara zigbee 3.0 devices to be announced in a few weeks.
Was about to order some more sensors now will wait a bit.
Looks like the new products eill have a T1 in their desciption.

Aqara to Announce Zigbee 3.0 Devices at CBD Trade Fair.


I’ve been holding off as well for months for these to come. Will grab some as soon as they are available. I’m hoping they will be as cheap and work better than the current devices.

I have successfully connected HE with Aqara Wireless Remote Switch (WXKG03LM). However my Aqara Wall Switch - Single (no Neutral) (QBKG04LM) has failed. I have installed this driver but i'm still no clue why its still fail to connect.

Hi Danny, Have you installed the child driver as well?

Hi guyeeba. I just did that. Restart HE and attempt several times without success. Am i still missed something here? Thanks for helping out.

Oh, you have problems with PAIRING the switch? That has nothing to do with the driver, but can be tricky, some tips:

  • try again
  • bring it closer to the hub (yeah, I know, it's a wired switch... be creative!)
  • push the button on the switch in every few seconds while joining to keep the device awake (the "no neutral" versions of Aqara switches are end devices, so they're quite sleepy),
  • and... try again. :slight_smile:

You'll find more info here:

Thanks for the tips! I have successfully paired 4 Xiaomi devices up to this moment - 12 more to go.

Luckily i had 20 metres cat6 in my keep so it helped me pair HE near to each devices.

It seems HE internal Zigbee transmitter is not as strong as my Aqara Hub. I remember last time i don't have to bring it down to all the devices in order to pair them. No wonder i read several owners have difficulties to stay connected. This could also would getting me into the same issues as well. Fortunately i have two units HE - it was unplanned to have another one but since having shipping error (bounce back to US) so i ordered extra unit upon reshipping.

These new ZigBee 3.0 devices have been "brewing" for at least 8 months, and some for more than one year.

The new "T1" models of some devices, and also new "S2" models not mentioned in that Homekit News article were listed on the ZigBee's Certified product list back in November / June last year. Here's a list with links to the ZigBee certification page for all known ZigBee devices:

There is one more new ZigBee 3.0 devices I found with FCC approval information on the FCC.io website - a completely new style of AC-mains wired wall switch presumably for U.S. consumers (listed as 120V/60Hz !!!!):


I have aqara motion sensor and paired successfully with HE. But it doesn't do anything. The logs are empty. I tried removing the device but HE gives me 500 internal error.

Log message output turns off automatically after finishing the pairing process. Then it needs to be toggled on by the user in the device details page of the Hubitat web UI:

So you clicked the "Remove" button and immediately saw the 500 error?

With the 500 error, before doing anything else, you should contact Hubitat support.

From what I've read in the forums the 500 error may be related to corruption of your hub's database. Furthermore some people suggest doing a manual backup, then a Soft Reset of your hub using the Hubitat Diagnostic Tool (found by adding :8081 to the local URL address of your hub), and finally doing a restore from that backup.

I am not sure what causes the error, it appears to be pretty random and not associated with a user action. These are devices which are already paired and working.

I will try to get a bit more information when I get home at the end of the week

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I have turned if on after pairing the device but the only information I see in the event is the batteryLastReplaced.

I only get the 500 error while removing aqara motion sensor.

Is there a process of pairing aqara motion sensor? I have already added the drivers.

Thank you so much!!!!

Successfully connected in less than 10 minutes
Not clear which Pressure point to use, as well as offsets for all values looks not obvious. Any docs or experience available?

Sorry, not events. I am talking about looking at Log output for the motion sensor. Even if no motion is detected, you should see battery level messages received every 50-60 minutes:

The process of pairing is explained in the first post of this thread:

However, because you are seeing a 500 Error, I highly recommend contacting Hubitat support.

Are you asking which Atmospheric Pressure units to use? There are four pressure units to choose from when using the Aqara Temperature / Humidity sensor:

  1. mbar - Millibars (the default)
  2. kPA - kiloPascal
  3. inHg - inch Mercury
  4. mmHg - millimeters Mercury

The Atmospheric Pressure unit should be set according to personal preference and your needs.

The Temperature, Humidity, and Pressure offset settings are used to adjust the values to match a standard reading.

For example if you have two sensors in the same location, and:

  • Sensor A gives a Temperature reading of 21.3° C
  • Sensor B gives a Temperature reading of 22.1° C

...then you can enter a Temperature offset value of 0.8 for Sensor A and then the readings will match (or be much closer in general).

Alternatively you could enter a Temperature offset value of -0.8 for Sensor B so that it matches Sensor A.

I am not sure about what you are asking, so I hope this information helps.

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Just a shout out to say thanks for the Aqara driver :slight_smile: I just paired a recently received Aqara. It took me literally 2 minutes. Finding the driver took me another 5 to 10 minutes. Everything works great.

I don't yet know how the range will be. Will test in the next few days.


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Ah, so it's personal preference. Thank you.
I thought I had to guess which unit used by device...

I'm pretty newbie on HE. Successfully paired and i had recreated child devices as switch, set Number of Buttons to 2 (not sure this is correct because mine was single switch)

I went played with the basic Hubitat Simple Lighting and it's seems needed a lot of try and errors on the multiple setting and what switch do i need to use (since there has been already 3 switches - 1 parent & 2 childs exists)

Is there any documentation i can refer to or perhaps some useful posts of members has stickied as manuals? Thanks for help.

It is happening.

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I'll be ordering some of the T1 temp/humidity sensors to test as soon as they pop up on any online site...

The trick will be making sure you get one of the new sensors, and not one of the old model. Most of the Chinese online sites arent very forthcoming on exact makes and models they sell.


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