Xiaomi / Aqara ZigBee device drivers (possibly may no longer be maintained)

I have not seen that device before. Will keep an eye on it.

My first foray into the Xiaomi world may be my last. Apparently I own some of the repeaters that cause these devices to drop. I bought a cube and it stayed paired for an hour or so. It's really annoying to repair all the time. Too bad Xiaomi had to break ranks and not implement the protocol exactly to specs. :frowning:

How many repeaters do you have? IKEA Trådfri outlets are just $10 a piece. That's not reasonable solution if you're only going to use one Xiaomi device, but if you want to use multiple, then it might be worth it to make the switch.

I ripped out my 3 smartthings outlets (the only zigbee repeaters I owned) and replaced w/4 Ikea ones when I decided to buy some Xiaomi devices.

The money I saved over buying other more expensive temp/humidity sensors far outweighed the repeater replacement cost.

Hmm. That reminds me that I still need to sell the ST outlets...


@JasonJoelOld stupid question - are the ST outlets not repeating the zigbee signal for Xiaomi devices to use?

Correct. ST outlets don't play nice with Xiaomi devices. There is a post in this forum somewhere on which repeaters are confirmed to/not to work with Xiaomi devices.

EDIT: Here it is, but post #1 is not 100% complete as it doesn't have the Ikea outlets or the Ikea signal repeater listed as working, for instance:

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Four repeaters maybe? I have an Ikea near me. Maybe I'll stop in there tomorrow just so I have the option. The cube is a really fun idea and I wanted to use it in my theater to choose scenes (and maybe movies).

I only have 4 ikea outlets in my 4000+ sqft house, working fine, no drops on my Xiaomi aqara temp/humidity sensors.

I just put them about 1/2 way between the hub (which is in the dead center of my house) and the outer walls in each direction. More or less.

I don't have an XBee, so have no idea which Xiaomi devices are going through repeaters and which are connecting directly to the hub.

I think it might be new ..... took a punt on it and ordered a couple as on paper at least it looks useful (there's not many modules in the ZigBee world compared to Z-Wave).

So at some point I should be able to report back ..... Ali is a bit hit and miss for delivery times to me, sometimes it's within a week, others it's a month or more!

Tell me about it.

Got my Xiaomi hub in 4 days (looking at maybe using it for my Xiaomi devices, and bridging it back to Hubitat), but my other 5 temp/humidity sensors were ordered >a month ago and nada yet.

I have about the same setup.

Note that the Ikea Signal Repeaters work with Xiaomi devices too, but have a really low signal strength listed in the docs (3 dBm versus the 14 dBm on the outlet).

Not sure if the 3 dBm is accurate, but that is what their manual says so I would avoid them.

I’d love to test it out and make a driver, but...

... I’m on 60Hz power.

Still interested in hearing about it, though!

he he ...Seeing that 50Hz is like "music to my ears"/.
That'd suit us in Aus perfectly. :slightly_smiling_face:
Now I just need to make sure ikea repeaters become available down here although their range is terrible. Listed as only 11 yards !!

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Was thinking I might try to get hold of some of the UK versions of the ikea outlets (unless anyone has heard that they will be releasing them down here??) to use as repeaters. Thoughts? Any reason they shouldn't work for us?

That doesn't matter, it will be fine.

11 yards is probably accurate for all I know. The distance to my farthest repeater is less than that. That's 11 yards open air as well.

The Xbee would probably suite your construction material better. Can you get them at a reasonable price there? How strong are allowed to operate?

Ikea range numbers are suspect in my opinion...

The outlet has 11 dBm output power - listed range=11 yards

The repeater has 3 dBm output power - listed range=11 yards

Does not compute.

I have one Ikea outlet 25 ft and 4 walls from the hub and it is working fine.

Can’t get them at all down here !

Yeah, they should work, it’s just getting hold of them in Aus.
I thought I read somewhere that the repeater actually plugs into the power plug portion via a USB connector which would make them super convenient. Stuff them into spare USB ports around the house. :+1:t2:

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