Xiaomi & Aqara Devices - Pairing & Keeping them connected

Just an FYI, The battery percentage is a user defined preference in the driver. I tend to put more stock in the voltage reports which can be found in the past logs. My Aqara Temp/Humidity sensors are usually good down to about 2.75-2.65 volts.

I have the Trådfri version of the LED driver. I do not think it's a compatible Xiaomi repeater, but I'll fire up my Xbee later tonight and let you know for sure. The Outlet and dedicated repeater which are both Zigbee 3.0, but I doubt the Trådfri LED driver is. Will confirm for you.

There's a low cost Zigbee inline switch that @Cobra mentioned to another Australian user, but I cannot find the thread right now. If you're OK with wiring up power to it (doesn't actually need to have anything connected to the output), then he said they do repeat Xiaomi devices.

Andy, could you post a link to those please? I think the price was something like $18 AUD each

This was the thread I think.


Hey guys. I have an odd problem, where one of my xiaomi contact sensors doesn't seem to report correctly to hubitat. It connects fine, but I can't see the status of the contact. I can see in the logs that it's checking in, as well as the status/voltage of the battery though (which is 3.015V).

Hubitat has no problems recognizing which driver to use on pairing (i.e. the xiaomi contact sensor).

My other 3 contact sensors are working just fine, and do actually report the contact status. All sensors are supported with Ikea tradfri repeaters, so signal should be strong back to the hub.

I've tried rebooting, and re-pairing. Is there an obvious problem that I'm missing here?

Aqara's official stance on "low battery power" for all their sensors / buttons:

Under normal circumstances, less than 2800mv is considered to be low battery power.

I assume you have turned on both info and debug log message output and tried testing it by separating the magnet from the radio sensor half and then pressing them together again to see if any messages are received?

If yes and nothing happened with that kind of testing, then unfortunately given everything else you've explained I would have to guess it's probably a faulty unit with a non-working magnetic reed sensor. :frowning:


My aqara door / window sensors seem to work fine (had them in use over the past 48 hours) however my original button keeps disconnecting unfortunately.

Have you read at least the first post in this thread? You likely have "incompatible" repeaters that don't play well with Xiaomi devices, but there are a few things you need to pay attention to when using these. That post is a good summary.


Thanks for the reply. I managed to make it work. I currently don't have any repeaters at all. The sensor and button are connected directly to the HE.

Question: Should I be worried about the following line in my logs for a motion sensor:

Did you check all the rules that that motion sensor is associated with? Possibly something missing that was removed either intentionally or by mistake.

Nope. I just finished pairing it.
No rules at all (yet).

By the way, I have personally found that, in general, these Xiaomi devices, must be paired, in place, i.e. in the place where they are going to be.
I have found that if you move them around, (i.e. using a different Zigbee pathway), they tend to lose connection, and must be re-paired (or whatever is the correct term). Just a general observation.

Maybe a bad pairing then. Try redoing it. The Xiaomi are stable, once you get them stable if you get my drift :wink:

Indeed, I can confirm that once you get them stable, they are absolutely fine.
I have been very impressed with the Tradfri Zigbee repeaters - they seem to be much better than:
-SmartThings Zigbee outlet
-Iris 3210 outlet
Just my personal observation - I can't really say why.
(And to boot, they are very inexpensive!)

Just installed a Xiaomi motion sensor myself yesterday that was acting really flaky. I have an a Aqara hub so I paired it with that and it was fine. But on Hubitat it was misbehaving. All my other Xiaomi motion sensors paired with HE have not been a problem. I ended up doing the five second reset hack on that one, and had to set it to a 4 second refresh in the HE driver, otherwise it flipped constantly from active to inactive all by itself. All good now :grimacing:

I decided based on the attached picture, to put it outside(even though it's not the same make/model).
I will let everyone know, how it stands up to the elements, in our cold Canadian winter:

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I can tell you the batteries will let you down, but converting it to powered isn't difficult.

Just an update to this post. I used the Suction Cup Buddy disk to mount my Xiaomi Natural Gas Leak Detector to the side of my fridge, and it's been perfect for the job. It was already the correct size too. The sheets you can trim down however, are a slightly stiffer material and do not work as well. If I use these again, it will only be the disks, unless I can find a different supplier of the same material.

I have had an Aquara Temp/Humidity/Pressure sensor on my Hub from early July this year (so about 6 weeks.

It is sitting on my desk so its about 10 feet from my hub. Looking though the logs I see long periods between updating, but my conditions are not changing much. However the sensor had been working consistently since installation.
The only other Zigbee devices are a Pearl thermostat and an early "homemade" board from iharyadi.
Below is a sample of the data I grabbed from the events screen. The last column is the time between Events entries. This data shows ~5 hours up to 21 hours between readings. I've seen as low as 2 hours.
I have yet to do any simulated changes, probably temperate would be the easiest to see what delta's are required to trigger a reading.

I've not been able to find any detailed information on this sensor. If somebody can point me to a website with more info I would appreciate it.

I'm using @veeceeoh 's driver V0.8.2 with the only modification I made was to change kPa to hPa.

Right at the top there, it updated the humidity in just 13 minutes. I use one of these in my bathroom for the exhaust fan and I can tell you that in Winter when the windows are closed, the fan will turn on within a minute

Same here. On my bathroom fan automations, I'll see it turn on the vent fan in <minute after I open the shower door (if it isn't already on).