Xiaomi & Aqara Devices - Pairing & Keeping them connected

I mean, based on it's small size, I don't think it's antenna size difference. I'm not going to know how many end devices are actually supported until I get the Mijia Mult-Mode gateway (and maybe not even then because I don't have that many Xiaomi devices) if the limit is 32 or 64. The currently missing in action Aqara M2 gateway is supposed to support 100 end devices.

Yeah, I think that's a fair guess on the repeaters. I know that I read somewhere that the relays (which I have two of) act as repeaters (on HE anyway) and someone wrote that the Xiaomi outlets (apparently now available for NA sockets, but no idea where to get one) will also repeat. How you confirm that on a Xiaomi hub, I have no idea.

If you think about the typical Chinese home (a small apartment), then no repeaters and as many end devices as possible, makes total sense.

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I did have 33 working at one point.
One was a neutral single button light switch. (I toasted that unfortunately). :grinning:
Then I took a couple of motion sensors off and put them on HE as I was having issues and wanted to try and prove what was happening. I think I have diagnosed to my router.
Somehow it had switched channels to 2+6.
Switched it back to 1 and things have settled again.
I may put the 2 motion sensors on HE back but I tend to leave things alone while they are working OK.

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Hmmm... looks like there are multiple devices so the limit may only be on the one I was looking at. Only able to go by the amazon listing. But looks like they may expand the limits with the other models.


Well that's unexpected. I'm pretty sure that Mijia Gateway you have is only supposed to be able to support 32 end devices. Maybe that's a stable number?

Thinking about it, it was probably 32 as one of the devices was actually the Mijia hub!!!!!!

That's the one I have, but with the Chinese plug and an adapter they included with it. Yes, that is 32 end devices.

This is the one that's supposed to be here, but is overdue

The report on HomeKit News says 100 end devices. Originally I read 90. They also say 30 end devices on the current Aqara HomeKit gateway, which most of the info out there say 32. So I'm not 100% positive about any of it. :roll_eyes:

This is the new Mijia Multi-Mode Gateway that supports Bluetooth Mesh and Zigbee 3.0 (Like the Aqara M2 Gateway will), but everything I can find except that one report (from HomeKit News, so take it with a grain of salt) says 32. It's also one of the first Xiaomi products I've seen that specifically supports IKEA Trådfri bulbs. So that solidifies the early reports of a partnership between Xiaomi and IKEA.

This is the older gateway that @Royski and @bobbles have. It's the one explicitly needed for the MiConnector app. But I'm hoping that maybe, just maybe, I can use the New Mijia Multimode gateway with it. I didn't buy it for that reason, and I think in reality my chances of that are slim, but it would be a nice bonus. You have to be able to enter a dev mode and I'm not confident that's available on all of the Mijia gateways. In fact I think @Royski said it wasn't, but the one he listed was the one that works with MiConnector.


One of the frustrations of the DIY HA market. Information is never straight forward. Even working on these zwave drivers, the zwave documentation is different than the documentation on the web site which is different to information you get in the forums.

Its never that easy.


Yep. "Miles to go before I sleep"

After several stable months, in the last month, I've had a few Xiaomi sensors fall off. Every time this has happened, it has turned out that the Tradfri signal repeater that the sensor or sensors have been repeating through has fallen off.

Unpowering/re-powering the Tradfri signal repeater is sufficient to get it back online and along with it, any sensors that repeat through it.

I have now been able to verify that although the signal repeater power supply is supposed to put out 1A at 5V, USB draws through the signal repeater that are under 1A can knock the signal repeater off-line. So I would recommend:

  1. If your Aqara sensors fall offline, first make sure that all your zigbee repeaters are online
  2. Not using the passthrough USB in the signal repeater to power anything

Its happened to me too. A scan of the network showed that particular repeater to have a fairly low LQI so I will eventually move it from that spot.

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How low?

50-60 if i recall correctly but its been a few weeks since i ran the scan.

so here in May 2020 is it possible to reliably use Xiaomi devices? I particular I am thinking about their water detectors as I will need 9 of them....

No, this is a limitation of Xiaomi devices and not Hubitat. They're not standard ZHA1.2 or ZLL or Zigbee 3.0.

That being said, there are two possibilities. Some people, myself included, have all of our Xiaomi devices on a separate Hubitat that only has Xiaomi-compatible zigbee repeaters (I use Tradfri outlets and USB repeaters). The other possibility is to use a Mi hub and bring them into Hubitat using an RPi and the Mi Connector app.

Edit: Just checked gearbest - the Aqara sensors are $18 a piece. Completely compatible Samsung flood sensors are just $19 a piece on Amazon. I would recommend getting the Samsungs.

That's what I thought... ok not worth it then I'll for a smart things sale. I am not in a hurry

They're almost the same price. Aqara leak sensor = $18 on GearBest. Samsung flood sensor = $19 on Amazon.


I am vey new here, Cloud you pleae advise I see that [TRÅDFRI Signal repeater] as a Zigbee repeaters work with Xiaomi devices I but not sure how it work, from the manual it have to pair with TRÅDFRI devices but to work with xiaomi devices just plug in then that all or need to do something else.
Thank you in advance.

You need to pair it with HE using Device Discovery for Zigbee. There is a small hole on the Tradfri Repeater where you can fit a paperclip, when inserting a paperclip (not on the LED indicator light side) you can feel there is a small button inside. Hold that button (about 5 seconds) until the indicator LED starts to slowly blink. If you had put HE in Pairing mode as instructed you should now see the device being discovered.


Thank you very much now it has been set up :smiley:

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FWIW, I have a Xiaomi leak detector and it works fine connected directly to my HE. I do have their motion detectors drop off time by time but the leak detectors and buttons have been fine for me (so far!). Having said that, since the Samsung device is only 1 dollar more as posted above I'd go with that!

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