Xbox One control?

Is there any plugins to directly turn on or off the Xbox one without a harmony hub, etc?

I set it up directly through amazon echo. Enable the skill on the alexa app and then you are prompted to log into your xbox account. I just walk into the room and say "alexa turn on xbox" and it powers up and turns the tv on through the hdmi connection. You can also load games and turn it off with your voice. No harmony hub needed

I use a Harmony Hub and both Alexa Skill and the Logitech community driver.

I ended up finding this solution and enabling it on Alexa.

I still wish we could use triggers under alexa using a virtual device from Hubitat.

This would allow me to create rules under Hubitat when to turn it off. For instance, no motion down stairs for x amount of time.

But you can if you have a Harmony Hub already controlling your entertainment system. This would give you even more flexibility to not just turn off the XBOX but also any other components too.

I'm looking at this right now... I'm trying to find a cheap one, perhaps off ebay. I'll need a couple of these though.

It's a nasty rabbit hole of a device. :wink: I started with one Hub around 3 years ago and I'm up to 4 right now.

Just note that each hub can only have up to 8 physical devices connected. (Yes, I've hit that limit lol)

Go ahead and look for devices...might have found some websocket code that could be used. BUT this only controls an XBOX and does nothing about other components hence why I suggest a Harmony Hub.

Code that I am looking at and asking @corerootedxb about:

Have you had any luck on this endeavor? I too would like to have powering up my xbox in an automation. I've heard nothing but frustration with Harmony (and they're expensive) so I don't intend to go that route. Seeing this is on the same network and has an API It aught to be possible.
I can already use voice via the xbox assitant (I have the kinect camera) or Cortana (via app or an Invoke) or the Alexa built into my Vector robot. But voice control does not Elevate my Home, I want true automation. (that sounds kind of petulant, I was shooting for determined mock outrage)
Anyways, If I could code worth a damn I'd do it myself. If I could use a GW Basic interpreter or DOS batch files I'd be good to go. As it is I can barely write Java; and Groovy looks like mumbo jumbo to me. So I'll continue to scour the community and benefit from the hard work and much appreciated apps and drivers written by others. Thanks to anyone who read this far, I good night.

I'm not sure where you are reading this but the Harmony hubs have always been rock solid for me. Been using them for about 5 years now. Frustrations may come when others are trying to configure control of specific devices to specific buttons using HE...but basic on/off control through HE is very simple and extremely reliable. When you say "automate" your xbox, are you trying to more than on/off?

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Same with me. Rock solid! I have but no effort into developing anything for Xbox.

I would like the same capabilities I have with voice control. Launch "X", volume control, play/pause, etc. You know... the simple stuff. I see different TV integrations and I just started mesing with the Roku integrtion, I have an xbox for occaisional gaming but I mostly use it for Hulu and Netflix.

If only Logitech would allow more direct integrations. It may have been possible...hopefully someone jumps on the API and builds something for you.

Patience is a virtue, that's essential with this hobby. So to is appreciation, which I have much for this community.

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@cybrmage has just posted a driver for Xbox One power on:

Would this work for the new xbox series x?

I made a driver for Xbox. It should be in the community app installer. HPM.

It’s called Xbox Smartglass.

Hi there, i tried it but couldn't get the RST-SERVER installed on my raspberry pi (linux) or my plex server windows 10