Wyze RTSP beta


For those who have been waiting:

Firmware: Wyze Cam RTSP – Wyze

App: Become a Beta Tester | Wyze

Dr. Zzz video: https://youtu.be/YPiHs44i0TA


Nice. Thanks!

Any inside news about the Google Home support not that's not available on their forum?


I have not seen anything yet on that. I am curious how ppl will integrate Wyze RTSP with the dashboards though.


It would have to go through some sort of post-processor to convert the native RTSP stream to MJEPG over http/https or something like that. AFAIK, Dashboards won't consume a rtsp:// native stream.


I thought a normal browser like Chrome has that built in. Couldn’t you just point a RTSP:// url in your browser, login with credentials and then see the live feed?


Nope. Only things like VLC and other video processors capable to capturing RTSP streams can. AFAIK, no browser handles RTSP without some sort of plugin or extension.


I'm using Blue Iris to bring the rtsp feeds, so far so good


I am using a static image url from my cameras in dashboards with a 1 second refresh rate. It works well enough.


True. But, that only works if the camera (IP, DVR, NVR, 3rd party software like Shinobi, Blue Iris, ZoneMinder, etc) supports that. Most IP cameras and DVR systems support snapshots and some higher end ones will even allow streaming of WebRTC or other video encodings. I can do the same thing with my Amcrest system.

AFAIK, the Wyze implementation is strictly a native RTSP stream with no encoding happening on the device at all. So, it wouldn't work with how you are doing it as there is no conversion from the RTSP stream to a JPEG/MJPEG snapshot.


so excited about this. The hacked firmware is unstable as hell. They constantly reboot and lose connection. I run mine through zoneminder so the RTSP is perfect. Going to install them all this weekend will let you know how it goes.





Well the beta RTSP firmware seems to be less than stable. At least with the hacked firmware the device would crash so hard it would reboot itself. The RTSP firmware however just appears to stop sending RTSP stream and doesn't return until you reboot the device. Prior to stopping it was working swimmingly.


Hopefully they will sort it out before release. For now I use IFTTT to restart my cameras twice a day. Usually take around 30 seconds to get RTSP back online. I rather have this than no RTSP.