Wyze plans to make a thermostat and a doorbell camera (and Jay-Zs VC firm is investing in them)


More inexpensive (but still good and reliable) products are never a bad thing. Looking forward to more competition and options.

I really like what wyze is doing. Cheap good devices.

I really just don't like that they don't integrate with any services. I wish they had an api that allowed us to integrate motion sensing etc and trigger things like recording. I did reverse their protocol to create an app but I just wasn't happy with the fact that I had to constantly poll their service to get the status. I know they have ifttt integration but this also feels a little hacky to integrate.

I hope they eventually release an api though.

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yes, it's good solid product. I just wish their gear was "easily" and "affordably", available in AUS !!
I had to import a bunch of V2 Cams and Pan Cams and I've even flashed one of my v2 cams to be a webcam for a friend during the couple of weeks isolation we did.

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