Wyze Cam v3

Yes please! But will they ever come to the UK?


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Nevermind about U.K. they don't even come to Canada and we are a fence away. Officially anyway.

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Wow that looks awesome. Ridiculous value for money. I used to snag various goodies while visiting the USA for work several times a year. Damned Covid messing up my private life :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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If anyone finds a way to order these to the U.K. then please let me know. I’ll be keeping my eye out on Amazon US for international shipping.

FWIW, the promised date on their web site for new orders has shifted out to December. Either the delivery slipped entirely or they committed their first months shipment (November) to pre-orders placed already.

They promise RTSP down the road, i hope it is sooner than later. I find my V2 cams work fantastic with Blue Iris

Thanks for the heads up. I had been meaning to order a v3 for a while, and your post reminded me that I needed to do so sooner, rather than later.

Keep us posted if you find an outlet... would be interested in ordering too!

Best bet is the get in on Pre Orders right on their main website. They’ve always seemed to tend to their orders first before third party

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They're announcing another new item tomorrow (Nov 10)... they are on a roll !!

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That looks very close (if not the same) as my roborock S4.

$199 for a LIDAR mapping vacuum is a pretty good deal.


Unsurprising seeing as the wyzecams are basically the same as the xiaomi xiaofang cameras.

For those which may not know, benefit of using this over other cheap cameras with Hubitat? I bought a cheao blink during prime days, only benefit I see with that is it integrates with Alexa.

Non other than it's cheap and have many free features.

Agreed. That's about ⅔ of what I paid for the roborock and I think I got a good deal on it.

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Will just be a question of how well it works. I think the my s4 was like $399? So if anything close to that, that’s a very good deal.

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now it looks like the "Shipping in November" for pre-orders is being changed to "Shipping in December".

Vaporware maybe ?