Wyze Bulbs

What is the status of support for Wyze Bulbs. The 1100 Lumen color bulb is 2/$20 at Microcenter. Very affordable. But they seem to be slow on the doing an API unless I missed an announcement.

Wyze has no public, documented API for any of their products, including the bulb, nor have I ever seen the commit to developing one. Here is one such request, though you can see many others scattered throughout their forums (and the rest of the Internet):

Given this, Hubitat can't do much. There are some reverse-engineered efforts you might be able to use to integrate if you cared enough (not Hubitat-specific, just local "servers" that appear to pretend to be the app and may have a way to get data into/out of Hubitat and other systems if someone wrote an integration). Other than that, like pretty much all of their products, these are intended to be used only within their closed, cloud-centric ecosystem, or with proprietary integrations they've made with other systems (IFTTT, Alexa, Google Home, etc.). You may be able to use one of those to effectively get the device into Hubitat, but bulbs are tricky given the variety of commands/attributes at stake, and of course nothing would be as nice as something that just works natively.

But I wouldn't count on that happening. :slight_smile:


I'm one of those who complained. Sigh.

Someone did reverse engineer the protocol for Wiz ... I keep writing about the issue in my column but instead, we get 5G services rather than APIs.

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