Can someone tell me what in preferences for the wx-ApiXU-Driver.
I have entered the ApiXU key but I am not getting any data !!!

Thanks in advance

That's because of changes to the ApiXu service. The driver you are using is outdated. Look at switching to the DarkSky driver ([RELEASE] DarkSky.net Weather Driver, no PWS Required).

Okay. Thank you
I have done it now, but it is not working yet !! Log: 2019-09-25 20: 15: 12,118 errorDarkSky.net Weather Driver - DarkSky weather api did not return data

Hmmmm, are you running any kind of ad-blocking or url filtering on your network? Can you access this from your computer: https://api.darksky.net/forecast/f9d78d430c5186fa5f61727cb42195fc/37.8267,-122.4233

Ok, thanks, it is solved

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For someone new to installing Drivers Code, is there any tutorial for setting up weather? For Darksky?

I have been trying to get ApiXU working but no data is populating, then I saw this post.