Wuuklab doorbell support

Recently I bought following doorbell:

Do you know if it is possibile to integrate it with HE anyhow? It has two parts:

  1. Doorbell
  2. Chimney


The case is that all of the devices I was asking for I bought earlier or before coronavirus which caused dalays in deliver. In the meantime I found HE which looks interested so I decide to buy it and move my all smarthome devices to HE. Thats my story ...

Welcome @zbigniew.bednarek.

You'll want to check whether this doorbell offers any kind of API for integration with other systems. Failing that, if it supports IFTTT that might be another possible integration point. Unforunately, the odds are probably not good though, since wifi-based devices like this usually use their own mobile apps/cloud servers and therefore it's up to the device manufacturer whether integrations with other systems are even an option.


If the generic driver for, say a doorbell, doesn't work, then if you submit a post requesting that someone look at it, you might get lucky and someone will tweak a driver for it. What system were you on before you decided to migrate to HE? If there is a driver in ST, it can be easily ported, but time is limited. Do your research and then ask for a driver port. People here are friendly, but a lot have become busy with the new C7 hub but it's worth asking.
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I just looked up the Wuuk Doorbell. This appears to be a brand new product on the market, and possibly the company's only product to date. They are selling it on Indiegogo. I cannot find any documentation regarding any sort of API for this WiFi device. Thus, I doubt there is an easy way to integrate it with Hubitat.

If you're really handy with electronic circuits, you might be able to hack a solution by taking apart the CHIME that comes with the doorbell. If you can tap into the signal wiring that makes the sound, and use an ESP8266 or similar, you might then be able to integrate this doorbell with Hubitat. NOTE: This would not be a trivial amount of work.

@zbigniew.bednarek - does the Wuuk Doorbell work with Amazon Alexa or IFTTT? If it works with either of those platforms, then there is a chance that it could be integrated with Hubitat via those systems. Amazon Alexa is actually how I integrated my Ring Doorbell with Hubitat.

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The Indiegogo campaign says it does. But doesn't indicate what the integration actually does ...

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Unfortunately, I cannot find any sign of a Wuuk Doorbell Amazon Alexa Skill or Google Home integration on either of those platforms. The only sign of either that I have found is this image on the Indiegogo site:

Perhaps those integrations are still 'coming soon' ? :wink:

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It is Indiegogo. At least they've delivered a product ......


I think the market for Chimney doorbell automation is underutilized, so I'm looking forward to trying this one out around xmas time :wink: :christmas_tree:.

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Hi. Thank you for your reply. I asked some questions to wuuk support and it looks that they plans to prepare IFTTT And goigle home integration soon .. so hoping that one of the options will work for me :wink:

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This is what I got from support:
β€œ Google Home, Amazon Echo, and IFTTT are on our product roadmap. Currently we are working on the Alexa integration and will roll out soon.

After the main features are stabilized, we intend to build these additional integration features so more smart home fans can enjoy the device in multiple ways to do automation.”

So it looks promising :wink:


Indiegogo ...

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