Wulian integration

Hello, I recently purchased the hub unit and I would like to introduce 45 wulian devices that I already own into the system. When I try to insert the device, it appears that I see it but not insert it in the device list. Wulian brand equipment I want to associate are: smoke, gas, dust, flood, multi sensors, scene switch, two output switch mode.

If it Adds the device as a DEVICE, then you simply modify the driver to a "Generic Zigbee ..." that matches.

During the pairing process, a block of info is displayed that contains the "signature" of that device.. and if you include it in a message here, it will get added to the NEXT platform update and then everyone after you will see it automatically pick the right Driver.

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I'm not sure these would work. I have a scene controller and a plug. Neither could be found at all with ST, they are with HE, although I'm not sure they are standard Zigbee devices.

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During the addition process, the device appears and remains at this stage.

Ok, that probably means it's a device that uses it's own variant of Zigbee.

Iris did that too. Stopped at that same point. :slight_smile:

I thought about it too, but I found that on them on the site. who knows :slightly_smiling_face:

Zigbee can have vendor variants and still be "Zigbee Compliant." This one is, to the extent you get the device's ID. But the rest of the handshake is probably using their own variation and thus not anything Hubitat recognizes.

So, in conclusion, it cannot be integrated? or does patience solve things?

Xiaomi devices can also end up in this state temporarily, pressing the button on the device some more seems to send packets HE recognizes. With that said, if there is no way of doing something like that, it would require Hubitat to add support for this special handshake and beyond that a driver. If the driver would be added officially or not is another question. It might very well come down to need a community developed driver once the handshake issue is rectified.

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Statements like this usually are not a good sign as far as HE integrations go-

From https://www.sgs-leb.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Wulian-Smart-Home-Catalog-2015.pdf


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