WTB: Smartthings Original Motion Sensor (USB)

Hi All,
If anyone has any of these not in use i'll be happy to purchase it from you.



are reason you want this particular one ?

yep happy to share. I have usb power mounted up high for future use cases of powered devices in most rooms (we did a renovation)

i have found that this model was unreliable on smartthings v2. but on HE it is quite fast and is acting as a repeater as it should.

I'd rather not have to worry about batteries as well. Also - i iknow there are many z wave usb ones. but zwave in Aus is stupidly expensive. And I already have a good zigbee mesh (except xiaomis they are going!)

it's the only powered usb zigbee motion sensor I know of as well.

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yeah fair points. My aeon multi 6s have been bulletproof for me. I just trawl ebay. So far ive been able to pickup 3 around the $60 mark. I have 2 ceiling recesses that came with them if you wanted them (I know you said high mounted, but ceiling would probably be the best) Welcome to them if you go down the multi 6 way.
I am looking for 1 or 2 more multi 6s so dont outbid me! lol

i'd love if they made that as a zigbee model. but they have no plans to do so