Wrong device on cloned app

I've cloned an app for my Raspberry Pi online/offline check and selected another device as trigger (presence sensor) and the new app on %device% placeholder uses old device name trigger.

On the original app I didn't use %device% - it had a fixed message. On the cloned app I've changed it to %device%.

The value of %device%, %value%, and similar built-in variables will not get updated until the rule triggers. This is true for all rules, and I suspect you're noticing this in a cloned rule only because data from the previous trigger came along. See what happens when it actually triggers, and everything should be fine.

Ok, I've checked it.
So by clicking on Run actions button I get the old device name but when the device triggers it works fine and I see that the GUI has an updated message.


Yep, Run Rule Actions doesn't have a triggering device, so that won't update it either. Glad it works!