Wow! Almost completely migrated over the holiday weekend!

Got my HE Tuesday. Didn't start playing until Wednesday. I've got about 120 "things", and I've been successful with everything I've tried so far. I had planned on migrating over the course of a month or two, but I got excited and now I've only got a few things left:

  1. Garage door opener (haven't tried it yet, because I'm afraid it won't work, plus pairing it is a pain)
  2. Front door lock (same as above)
  3. Sunroom oil heater running off of high amp smart plug (I just hate to move this one - it was my first webCore piston - based on presence and temperature)
  4. Ring doorbell (I know there's no current integration, but have to figure out my light automation based on motion I had in ST).
  5. Nest Thermosata (I guess I have to wait on Nest to allow this)
  6. integration ( I need to try to port the app I was using in ST, just haven't had time. This one is a must - nobody ever remembers to set the alarm!)

Harmony is working better off HE than it did on ST.
I have an absolute hodge-podge of things, and so far ALL of them have worked!
I even got my FABRIQ wifi speaker working (never could get it to work in ST).

Still working on my complex announcement from the Farbiq speaker, but I think I'll figure this out eventually.

Many thanks to all who have helped me with this transition! You guys are great, and I couldn't be happier so far!



I am using Amazon Alexa as a bridge between Ring and Hubitat. The response is very fast. I enable the Ring Skill in the Alexa mobile phone app, as well as the Hubitat Skill. I then created an Alexa Routine that is triggered by a Ring Motion event. That routine then “turns on” a virtual Motion/Switch device using my custom driver.

This has been very reliable and is very responsive.

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I use Alexa with my ring and just have her routine announce motion and also turn on regular virtual switch in He. The virtual switch is set to auto off after a second. I then use that switch as a trigger in RM

Same here! had some free time this weekend and decided to do my migration, still have some automation and devices to add but the overall end result is looking awesome! what I have added so far is so responsive compared to ST, I'm really happy...

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