Would this work on HE - smart lock + RFID


Hi all
I just wanted to check if what is in my head would work with Hubitat (while I wait to see if there will be any Black Friday specials before buying and finding out on my own :stuck_out_tongue: ).
I want to get a smart lock (not sure which yet - leaning towards Ultion Smart Lock cause it looks nice) but want to enable some additional RFID options to open and a physical button inside to open/close as well. Can Hubitat link RFID fobs to trigger a door open?

Some more detail below, for those that aren't bored yet:
There are not many multi point (UPVC) smart locks that have decent reviews and are somewhat trusted (Yale Connexis, Nuki and Ultion being the top that I see). My home insurance wouldn't cover the Yale as the lock doesn't conform to UK standards (as far as I've seen). The Ultion and Nuki use mostly standard cylinder locks so there shouldn't be an issue there. However, the Ultion doesn't offer a RFID Fob as an option but looks the nicest. So, I was thinking if I can get some type of external separate RFID trigger, I can pair it with Hubitat to trigger an unlock. Also, I have small kids, so I will have to disable the easy unlocking methods from the inside. Instead I was thinking of adding a physical button of some sort (Bluetooth, ZigBee, whatever) and have it positioned high up so I can still open the front door with ease from the inside but not enable the kids to. I don't know if those kind of things exist but they surely must. Would this basically work? Does anyone have experience with this?