Would a Rule be able to do this?


I have a HE that is connected to a Arduino that I have several DS18 temerature sensors. I also have a set of relays that I control via the arduino. One of my ambitions if you will is to monitor the temperature of my hot water at the tank and when it needs heating up the relay closes and it sets my boiler to making hot water. Another scenario is running a pump for baseboard heat using a remote temp sensor as the trigger. I have a SmartThings Smart App that I use in SmartThings (getting rid of it BTW). Ideally It would be great if I could change the temps from the dashboard but that is probably asking to much. Having a schedule of different temps would be a big plus as well.


I know Hubitat has a built-in Virtual Thermostat. What I don't know is if/how you can connect it up to real temperature sensors and outputs. Worth a try, though!

This may help with at least getting a real temperature sensor value into the Virtual TStat device...


Thanks Dan I will give it a look


Could potentially use WATO app to push the results to real devices.


I'm confused...are you wanting to react to certain temperature readings from devices, which are different based on a schedule? Or actually set temperatures on devices?

If the former, a virtual thermostat that you run in Thermostat Scheduler would work, then set your rules up to compare the temp sensor value to the thermostat set point.


Sorry, not meaning to be confusing. Here is what I have. A ds18 temp sensor, and a relay. I get the temp from the sensor , I use a switch to operate the relay. they are connected to an arduino that is connected to my HE using Hubdruino. I had the same setup with my ST hub. On the ST hub I had a app from RBoy called the 5+2 Thermostat with remote temp sensor. It worked well. And I have it working on the HE. But the catch is that it will only work for one thermostat. I have many. 3 to start and possibly more as time goes on. RBoy doesn't support my using it in HE, I think the problem is that in HE I cannot create a unique name for the instance I am setting up, at least I am not given the opportunity to do so.

I hope that I have explained my needs better


Can you not just install two additional copies of the App? Or, if you have to, copy and paste the App's code into two more custom apps, simply changing the name of the app in each to be unique.



I like your second suggestion, that way I have an idea which one is for which area of the house. I will try that tonight.