Works with Nest EOL

Those of us with Nest devices would have no doubt received this overnight. I myself have Thermostats and Protects only, but am wondering if this will affect the current integration Hubitat has in this driver post September 29, 2023:

Email from Google:

Works with Nest is the legacy program offered to integrate devices using a Nest account. It has not allowed any new integrations for several years - the Device Access program from Google, which is used by Google SDM API, was intended to replace it. I don't expect this will break when WWN is finally retired, but fingers crossed we see some new features! I know some folks stuck with WWN as it supported the Nest Protect smoke/CO detectors - I've about given up hope of ever being able to re-integrate them.

I'm intrigued by the new "script editor" offering, will be interested to see what it brings to the table.