Working on Wireless Tag port... having issues with oauth redirect

I've come around again and am trying to port the Wireless Tag Connect app from ST to hubitat. I've made some changes, but am hung up on the oauth redirect step. I'm feeding the mytaglist API a redirect URL for hubitat, but that redirect URL contains ?access_token=..., to which mytaglist is appending another ? and more state values afterward. Seems like that is an issue that has come up before, while I was reading about the Netatmo connect app.

Here's my github repo for the code:

The main code files are WirelessTagsConnect.groovy for the app and WirelessTagsGeneric.groovy for the driver.

I also haven't figured out what to do with the client id and client secret storage yet.

But if anyone wants to take a look and offer advice if they think this is possible, I'm happy to hear it!

Have you seen this?

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I have now! I was able to get over the hump of making the OAuth call successfully now. I'm just working on some other pieces to slim down the code to what I need (realize it's not for everyone), as I don't use the callbacks, or motion, etc. Basically just want a temperature, humidity, illuminance, and battery report from the devices.

One piece that is missing for me is being able to configure more than one instance of the app. I'll bring this over to the other thread though.

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working fine. thanks.. addition to type for this tag

case 42:
tagString = 'Outdoor Water Temp.'
case 32:

also could not get the manager to work over my moca connection any idea why?

more info.. i m odified quite a bit see git hub\

added debug to both app and device handerl with auto turn off.
added type 42
added attribute lastUpdate , signalDbm, lastTemperature, and temperatureChange so I can easliy track changes for my rule to estimate whn hot tub will be at max etc.

more changes.. unit was not coming through correctly, so fixed that. also system did not like a battery percentage over 100 .. fixed that

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