WOL Functions

I would think, at least thinking it through for a PC setup, you would want to put it to sleep rather than completely shut it down, so you can wake it up again...? Either way you need some way to trigger this and I can't think of one... hmmmm

In terms of the xbox here, that part is a setting. You set it to "Always On" which in Xbox terms means putting it to sleep. So when I turn it off manually, it's actually in a sleep mode which is why the WOL function works for turning it on. The Samsung TV thing is killing me though because everything I'm reading says smartthings has to be involved in some manner. I'll probably just end up messing around with the Harnony Hub integration instead but the thing about that is it doesn't give you the individual devices in Hubitat. It only gives you the Activities you've set up.

AFAIK, Wake-on-LAN works for turning devices on only, that's a limitation of the protocol and not one that Hubitat can overcome directly.

If the device supports WOL and you have configured it properly, Hubitat can send the required magic packet with a community driver that was developed by @stephack (is that what you're referring to?).

To turn devices off, you'll need a different solution. A Harmony hub could be used to turn off your devices that support Harmony, since there's a hubitat community-developed driver for Hubitat as well.

In terms of your TV you may want to look again at the Harmony community app, I believe you can use individual device commands, not sure how this may work if you aren't using an activity that includes that device.

Yeah I've used that driver for some time now and just spent some time looking through it. It looks like each device on the hub has an ID. I'm thinking that you can basically copy and paste that ID into the functions located at the top of the app. The Red, Blue, Green and Yellow buttons on the remote could be useful here but not sure what they would be called to assign them in Hubitat app.

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Harmony hub is $44.50 USD right now. Solves all the problems you’re having.


@ogiewon β€˜s driver works excellent with it and is local.

[Edit] Just noticed your earlier post that you have a Harmony Hub. That is how you can turn on, turn off, set volume, mute, etc. no need for anything else.

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Only question I am interested to know myself from @ogiewon is whether the device commands will work when you don't have an activity turned on that is using the device? Not a deal breaker necessarily, but would be good to know...

Device commands are a little special. In order to send device commands, you first have to know the Harmony DeviceID and the text command. The device id is fairly easy, as I expose those as a state variable which you can see on the parent device's details page. The commands are a little trickier to determine, but there are ways.

I believe the Device commands can be issued regardless of whether or not an Activity is currently active. I can check later when I am home from work.


I have performed a quick test and the answer is "Yes". You can issue device commands whether or not that device is currently used in the current Activity. I was able to send commands to a Sony Blu-ray player while all Activities were OFF. I sent the "PowerOn" command and the "PowerOff" commands with the device responding as one would expect.


Excellent, I'll give this a try and see if it can do what I need.

Yep, can confirm this worked for me, am watching one Samsung TV in the kitchen using an Activity from the Harmony hub, then used the DeviceCommand on the hub device in HE, passing in PowerOn as the String parameter and the Id of another Samsung TV as the number parameter. I then also used the DeviceCommand option to turn the same Living Room TV off, i.e. PowerOff.

So I'd suggest giving this a go @x1PatientZero1x to turn your tv off and maybe even the Xbox.

Thanks @ogiewon.


I need some helps and I wish I could be that smart. I simply want to wake up my PC server when I turn on my Nvidia Shield TV. What I have:

Hubitat HUB w/Logitech Driver installed
Harmony Hub
Nvidia Shield TV

If I can figure out a way to add WOL function to wake up PC Server when I fire up my Home Theater with Harmony remote. If there is a way, please help me with instructions for dummy.


This should help...

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Thanks for the tip @ogiewon

Can you help an old man with "how to" add it to my Harmony Hub? Looking through my Harmony Devices, I cant see this Virtual Switch I just created.

You would create a Rule Machine rule that is triggered by one of your Harmony Activity 'switch' devices changing state. Then, that rule would turn on the new Virtual WOL Switch, which would send a WOL command to your 'PC server'.

This assumes that you've already installed and configured my Harmony Hub integration for Hubitat...


Something like this?

If I understood correctly, when I turn on Harmony remote activity, Hubitat will know I turned on my system and the rule will trigger to my PC from sleep?

Thanks for your help.



You may have to tweak the PC's settings to allow WOL to work. I haven't experimented with WOL at all, but I am sure there is an abundant amount of information available online to help get the BIOS and Operating System configured correctly to make sure the PC can wake up when the magic-packet is received.

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Thanks for your help @ogiewon.


I am no stranger to the PC world so setting up Hibernation/WOL is a non-issue for me. I started out with Rule Machine but ended with Simple Automation which proved to be much more responsive.



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