Woke up to Hub error 500 and after a reboot from 8081 the hub had soft reset

This morning I woke up and found my cameras still in night mode and my Inovelli switches still showing the hub was in night mode. I found the hub was saying error 500 when I tried to get to the dashboard or normal web interface. I rebooted from :8081 and after the reboot the hub was in its new hub state with the only options to setup the hub from scratch or restore. I clicked the restore from backup at the bottom and selected yesterday's (8-7 2am) auto backup and after that everything seems to be back to normal.

The hub (C-3) had been on update for about a week when this occurred.

This is the first time this has happened in the two years I've been using my hub, my guess is something went wrong during the backup or DB cleanup process last night since there was no backup for last night and the hub had been working at 11pm when I went to bed.

I just had a similar thing. I got a 500 error in the morning then it rebooted and actually came back up empty/reset completely. That's a first. I had to restore to the 2nd from last backup to restore the hub.

I recently added a driver for my Sharp Aquos TV which has been throwing many errors so I assume it was that. Removed it and it's been OK for the last 24 hrs again.

Fingers crossed.

Can you track anything you've changed that may have caused your issue?

Not that I can think of, I added a Zooz Zen 30 about a week before this occurred and hadn't changed anything beyond adding a motion lighting rule and rule machine rule to control that since. Nothing had changed in the last 2 days before the error 500 that I can think of. It's been fine since I restored and it had all the changes I had made so I haven't had to change anything yet.