WLED lighting

I have added the Joyful house WLED driver but can’t seem to figure out how to use it or add a device correctly. Can someone explain the steps in adding a WLED controller with the driver? Thank you!emphasized text

I gather it's wifi. So you would have to add a virtual device, Then on the device page fill out the ip info of the controller. I would also make a reservation in your DHCP table for it so it doesn't change.

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As @rlithgow1 suggests, start with a virtual device, then for Type, select the WLED driver you added. Save the device and then enter the IP of your controller. Save Preferences and you should be good to go from Hubitat's viewpoint. I agree that a DHCP reservation is a superior bit of advice.

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Ok, so I finally got the device to work but via the app it seems that the only thing that works is just on and off. Should you be able to set colors in the control panel?

Hi @TheGt33. If you look at your device's page in Hubitat, you will see the Set Color command. Just choose a color below that and then click the Set Color button.
You can also use Rule Machine to turn it on and off and set what effect you want by using the Set Effect command.
SetEffect takes 4 parameters (effect id, speed, intensity, palette). You can find in Rule Machine by choosing Custom action, Dimmer, SetEffect, #,#,#,#
For example "setEffect(13, 200, 200, 47) on Deck post lights" turns on effect 13 (theater) at 200 speed, 200 intensity and palette 47 ( Orangery)

@TheGt33 to add to what @Wounded said, if you do a dashboard tile with it, pressing it and holding it also will bring up a color wheel.. But anyway within your rules you will choose color(s)

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