Wiz Scene "Alarm"

Is it possible to set the Alarm scene to a Wiz bulb?

If i remember right thr scenes in Wiz can be set and seen by the color temp. They start at 6001 and go up from there. With that said you just need to know what the value is for the alarm effect and call that fron the driver.

Is alarm scene new.

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Unfortunately, i just validate this will not work with the built-in driver. The legacy community driver probably would though. It looks like the built in driver is preventing any CT above 6000, so the option i provided above isn't allowed. Interestingly, if debugging logging is turned on and you use the WIZ app to set the scene Hubitat does see it. This should just be a minor update to the driver.

I wonder if @gopher.ny could look at updating the scene list in a upcoming update.

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Thanks for all your help and insight into this.