Wiz bulb built-in integration

I've got a few Wiz bulbs, and they do work with the custom driver. However, I noticed this:

Changes from

New Drivers


  • Wiz lights, dimmers, and switches

It seems that I can't get it to work. Is there a document on how to setup this integration? I've added the built-in app, but it says "Wiz integration is NOT running." Pressing the button asks "Are you sure?", but the state doesn't change.

Is this possibly conflicting with the community driver? It looks like the device types are different, so I'd presume not.

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I'm in the same boat. New integration doesn't do anything. Just endlessly clicking "Enable Wiz Integration" button and "Yes" without anything proceeding. A quick animation of the processing gif and nothing appears or changes.

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Checking it out...

Edit: bug found, will get fixed in the next 2.3.3 iteration.


Will we need to update installed devices to utilize new drivers? Should we remove and reinstall with the new integration instead of the user built? Or is this better suited for finding new devices for future use/additional devices?

Built-in integration (once issue above is sorted out) will find and install all devices on LAN upon running discovery. The safest approach would be to start using built-in driver for the new device and to delete overlapping devices built-in app creates thus avoiding conflict with existing community integration.

Don't just change existing devices from community drivers to built-in ones . That's not going to work. The two implementations are completely unrelated.


Once this gets all sorted out, I'd like to see how users are liking these Wiz devices.
In the USA, "Wiz" has a totally different meaning

The least expensive alternative to Hue? :innocent: :rofl:

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Maybe, but after I accidentally stumbled on the intense strobing of Hue lights, as captured by my camera, I'd never use them.(first reason was the price) I wonder if the Wiz LEDs operate in the same manner?

Like some vehicle LED headlights? I have lots of hue bulbs but didn't know about this strobing.

I've not observed the flickering on Car headlights. I do have a dashcam, but maybe it's not the same framerate as my cellphone, in order to capture the flicker?
Now I have to check...tonight

Wiz integration should be all set in, just released.


After updating to, I'm now able to enable the app. Even before I hit the "Discover" button, 2 bulbs showed up as Wiz Stub devices. They didn't see to change to anything else, and could only be "refreshed". After changing it to "Wiz RGBW bulb", it came to life and now appears fine.

Are they supposed to be discovered as Wiz Stub?

They should change to proper type (bulb, etc.) during the discovery process.

Mine haven't done that yet (with the exception of the ones I manually changed).

The community driver didn't seem to account for the unreliability of UDP; Do you know if the built-in driver verifies the state of the bulbs after sending the commands? Not knowing groovy, I simply modified the driver to send the command packet 3 times using copy+paste, and that seemed to resolve the occasional bulb that wouldn't turn on/off.

I'd tell you a joke about UDP, but you might not get it.

Mine haven't changed from "Stub" to proper bulb name while doing discovery.

It attempts to resend the command up to 3 times at increasing intervals if there's no response.

That should happen quickly. Do you mind opening device details page and looking for "moduleName" data value for devices that didn't get a proper driver assigned?

Changing device type manually is fine. There are only three types of Wiz devices supported at the moment, anyway.

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The ones that are still "stub" don't have the line for moduleName, but after re-assigning them to the RGBW bulb, others show moduleName: ESP05_SHRGB_21. Any chance my bulbs respond slightly different? I got mine from Costco before home depot started selling them under the Phillips label.

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I'm going to tweak discovery so that it attempts to identify existing stubs. In my testing, a stub would receive a response from device and populated quickly. Thank you for the feedback!

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The discovery feature is amazing. Recently, comcast was nice enough to factory reset my cable modem. All of the DHCP reservations disappeared, and I had to re-assign all the bulbs. Hopefully, I'll not have to do that anymore. A friend ended up replacing his modem a week or so after mine was reset; I wonder if it was related.

I am looking at what the feature parity is between this integration and the custom one that has been out for a while. One big thing i noticed is missing is a easy option to go throughto the next effect. With the custom driver there are two options. One is to use color temp and increment between 6001 and 6032 whil the other is simply a custom command to shift to the next effect. Any chance that could be added.

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