Withings sleep mat Automations need help with 2 automation maybe turned into 1 please

good afternoon clever people.
I have an automation for when I get in and out of bed to turn on lights in the bathroom and a lamp in the hall. This one is mainly for my mum as she is elderly and doesn't walk well and cant see great.
My current automation is very erratic as it doesn't always respond to getting in and out of bed. and is often slow to respond, the withings sleep mat breaks its wifi connection when presence is detected in bed and activates wifi when getting out of bed, is there any way to get a quicker response by activating from the device turning its wifi on and off?

i tried a couple of ways to get this automation how it is now but its still far from perfect at the moment

I tried just a basic rule for my mum

this is my own sleepmat rule I think its a little better but still not perfect

There must be some underlying network or hardware issue with the sleep mat, as perhaps you know. None of my 4 Withings sleep mats have this problem with Wi-Fi connection.

But, if you can’t resolve the underlying problem, you could assign a static IP address to the sleep mat and then check whether it's connected to your network. Presence Plus for example can do this if you have a C7 hub. There may be other apps/drivers capable of this as well.

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thank you, i will change my mums basic rule and bring it into rule machine. I have the C7 hub, so I will look at Presence plus thanks for your advice.
I wouldn't be surprised if it was due to my networking, trying to fix this and get a small server room under the stairs off the main wifi node. The setup was originally all on a big switch connector on a satellite wifi node, i recently moved the switch to the main wifi node and this has fixed a few of my network issues.
At the moment I don't have a very good Internet speed with BT, I am moving to Virgin with an internet speed recommended for a basic smart home, I don't think BT can carry all the wifi devices I currently have

lol just tried looking for a ip address to ping and the mats our not even connect to the net at the moment so surprised they our working at all lol. Think that's my problem there. Will reconnect tonight and see if I get a improvement lol

re-connected and the withings device shows for a min then disappears, I have a few WLAN devices on the network, could possibly be them meaning they never had disconnected but just don't identify themselves, will just improve the rule in hand n hope it gets better, I was planing on getting a motion sensor in the bathroom anyway to get a more reliable automation.

I have changed the 2 rules I have for the sleep mats, looking at the rules it looks like they may be interfering with each other, is there anything you can recommend to fix this or any ideas how maybe the 2 rules can be combined into one please.
It would be much appreciated, I am electrician with limited It skills

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