Withings Aura Sleep Sensors stopped working today. Anyone else?

I've been using the Withings sleep sensor integration from [GitHub - dcmeglio/hubitat-withings] with two separate Aura sensors as a vital part of my Hubitat/Node-RED home automation for months without issue.

Today when I woke up I noticed the automations weren't working. After some troubleshooting I've confirmed the issue isn't on the Node-RED side. I've also verified that the sensors are properly updating properly in the Withings (Nokia) iOS Healthmate app. But, the sensors simply aren't updating in Hubitat at all. There are no events generated in the logs since my wife and I went to bed last night. I've done all the typical things; unplugging it and plugging it back in again; reauthorizing, repairing, reinstalling, etcetera. Nothing seems to be working. The only thing that I can recalled that changed is I did a Hubitat hub update right before bed last night.

Is anyone else having this issue? Any ideas? Solutions? Dad jokes?

I'm having the same problem. For me, it started being an issue last night -- I have a few automations that run overnight based on my and/or my wife's presence in bed and they were behaving strangely. I didn't investigate last night because I was trying to go to bed :slight_smile: but I confirmed today that the sensors haven't sent an update to Hubitat since 10:23 and 11:14 pm last night.

I've checked all the "usual" issues like you did and haven't found any problems with the sensors themselves, but I also did update Hubitat to yesterday. My logs are showing the following two errors recurring every half hour for both sensors...

Failed to refresh token: java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method multiply() on null object
v2/user?action=getdevice -- null

I gather this means the Withings parent app is not able to find the devices, but I don't know what might've changed with the Hubitat update that might cause that.

I'm not seeing any errors in Hubitat. I updated to last night as well. I think I'll try rolling the update back just to rule that out.

Did a rollback to and it didn’t change anything. Not getting any activity of any kind in Hubitat logs from the four devices nor the the hub installed app.

When this first happened I checked the Withings hub application and it made me re oauth both accounts. However, after I deleted the devices and reinstalled (including a new oauth), the hub app is reporting, “You Hubitat and Withings accounts are connected.”

For giggles I connected the sensors via IFTTT to send me a notification upon state changes and that's not working either. If that's the case, then this is likely something broken by Withings last night. Having said that, I checked the Withings developer page and there were no announcements or any breaking changes.

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I just noticed that while my devices still appear to be registering data and recording it to through the Withings app, they're not actually syncing back with Withings' servers. (Or at least they haven't since last night about the same time I started seeing issues in Hubitat.) If Hubitat is actually pulling info through those servers or requires regular re-authentication but those servers are down, that might be what we're running into.

I submitted a Support request detailing everything that's been noted in this thread. Hopefully, someone is actually available this weekend to look at it.

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I believe they’re based in France and it’s not exactly a lifesaving device so I’d be surprised. But please keep us posted.

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Having exactly the same issue. Last hubitat device event was yesterday morning at 07:06. Data is showing in the Withings app and website, but according to the heathmate website device page, the last sync was at 09:08 yesterday :rage:

This is really weird. Yesterday, I confirmed that my device data was not getting passed to HE and IFTTT but updating in the HealthMate app and Withings web portal. Today, the Android HealthMate app is crashing within 2 seconds of opening and the website is giving me the new account questions (name, height, weight) when I try to view my info.

IFTTT just sent me a notification that I'm in bed (which I'm not). Now I'm getting "present" instead of "null" in node-red and I'm starting to see false device activity in the Hubitat logs. In the Withings app it says I'm still in bed for another hour (into the future) and even has generated false data regarding my sleep quality of that hour. My scale is now showing the correct battery percentage but nothing else yet. Hopefully this means that someone at Withings has remembered to plug the servers back in and things are on track to get back to normal around here. :wink:

EDIT: Mine are back up and running (for now). Let's hope it stays that way. My takeaway is that I need to build in some verbal commands as a failsafe in case this ever happens again. Wife wasn't too pleased with me. :joy:

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Mine also. My sleep sensor toggles a virtual "Goodnight" switch, which sets things in motion. That switch is shared with Alexa as a fallback.

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Mine are back and working as well :+1:

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I'm seeing the my sensors reporting into Hubitat again although weirdly, I'm still seeing those errors being generated. :confused: I'll see tonight if my automations run properly.

Potentially also worth noting, I haven't heard anything back from Withings beyond their automated "Thank you for your message. Someone will get back with you within 24 hours" email. That was almost 26 hours ago. :thinking:

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