[Withdrawn] Green Mountain Grill

Hi, I'm very happy to announce that I was able to create a driver for the WiFi Green Mountain Grill smokers. The reason this makes me happy is because it means that my house can now talk to me or otherwise warn me when my smoker runs out of pellets or my cook is nearing its end.

As a side note, I love this company. They are great to their customers. I've worked with them on two occasions and both times the support organization had not only the knowledge but the power to do the right thing for the customer. These excellent smokers can be found here or at a local dealer.

These grills are comparable to the Traeger smokers but have better specs, features and pricing at each level. I love my GMG and my Traeger-owning brother-in-law just likes his Traegar, especially in head-to-head comparisons.

If you want a good smoker, you should look at this company. If you like the underdog (and you probably do if you own a Hubitat hub) then you should look into this company.

Anyway, this driver behaves a lot like the GMG mobile app. It does not poll or have any awareness of the grill unless you connect to the grill with the connect button. Once you connect, it polls repeatedly for status and does so until you disconnect. You may choose the polling interval. I have set a default of 60 seconds and have found that to be more than adequate.

In addition, I have found this smoker to be a pretty good outdoor temperature sensor. If you would like to use the grill as an outside temperature sensor there are provided two separate polling intervals. If these intervals differ this device will automatically connect and start polling on initialize. If they are the same then the grill will only poll when you manually click connect.

Note that I did not allow this driver to change the grill temperature or turn the grill on.
Too dangerous! I personally don't feel that fireplaces should be in Hubitat for the same reason.

Here's the driver. Let me know how it goes.



This is cool. I have a GMG and I haven't had a chance to use it because of winter. I would love to be able to monitor it when I can use it.
I loaded the driver and I can't seem to find it anywhere, as a device. What am I doing wrong? Thanks

Are you familiar with installing custom drivers? After you install the driver code you have to create a device with it.

@codahq Doh, I was wondering if that was the case. I created a Virtual Device and it is all there. Now to read the GMG manual and get it up and running so I can use your driver. Thanks

My plan is to update initial post with a instructional video eventually. I just haven't had time to do it yet.


And with 2.19 you can link that video in the device itself.


The link to github no longer works. Is the driver still available?

No, @codahq decided recently to no longer make his drivers available.

Excited to see potential integration. Sad this was withdrawn. :disappointed:

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