Wish list idea - Rule analyzer

As I am starting to use the Rule Machine more, I see that the rules can become very quickly, very convoluted.

It might be nice to have some form of a Rule analyzer. Some app etc., which can analyze our existing rules, and give tips if it sees violation of best practices or possible performance issues. This may include findings such as :slight_smile:

  • Rule uses cloud devices - possible impact on performance
  • Conditional rule, missing a condition (I was able to do this by error!!)
  • Rules conflicting each other
  • Rule condition will never be met (basically a condition branch which is logically unreachable)
  • Possible performance best practices flags
  • "Duration" exists, without a condition to check against (I was able to do this by error)
  • Is a Basic Rule, more efficient/light on resources than a Rule Machine? If so, perhaps a tip that this rule is simple enough and can be converted to Simple Rule for better readability and performance
    ...and I am sure many more
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Yes, Basic Rule is a little bit more efficient, but this is not a large difference for the same trigger/action. My preference personally is that if I can do an automation with Basic Rule I will, and only use RM when it's the only way to do something.

This is very unlikely to happen. Such an app would be very difficult to implement, let alone to even define. Realistically, there is no substitute for dealing with the issues you raised by learning yourself. Creating sound logic is part skill/intelligence, part experience/knowledge, and part art/intuition. Solving automation needs requires all of this...


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