Wish list for Rooms page

As I have started adding more and more smart devices in my house, I am starting to feel the need to better organize my view.

The rooms view on Hubitat is actually interesting to quickly see what is where.

Few wish list requests:

  1. it would be super nice to somehow be able to see battery vs powered vs virtual devices
  2. building on the first feature, it will be very helpful too be able to filter out virtual or battery devices. This has multiple benefits
  3. It would be nice if I can group the rooms into areas/floors. With this feature and feature 2 above, I will then be able to filter to just see my mains powered devices and quickly see how well have I distributed them across my floors.
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I really like the ideas #1 and #2.

I'll be happy with any usage of the Rooms. It has so many possibilities, yet feels so ignored.

Your idea #3 would be especially helpful. When I was on the Systronics RF platform, being able to list devices by floor gave significantly more flexibility in organizing my devices and data. I have a 2-story home, but with the SRF Floors feature, I also had "floors" for the crawlspace, attic, deck, and front and back yard.

I do like each of your suggestions. It took me a minute or two.... but maybe that is the time of night... :slight_smile:

If I think about it, I would expect what you want, marking devices as battery powered, virtual / physical, etc, feels like it would still be a manual setting for the user to nominate, like the room. Nothing wrong with that. I just think it would be hard to set it for sure on some devices as the developer of a driver. What do you set a device accessed via a cloud service, virtual or physical.... Like I said, no reason to say no to the feature, just that it is probably best left to the individual's interpretation in some circumstances.

It would also be difficult to introduce a requirement for a driver to stipulate these settings now that time has moved on with the existence of many drivers... Again, not an issue, just a confirmation that I would expect all that could be expected would be a recommendation from a driver, but ultimately would sit with the user to set these settings per device, like Rooms.

I would even add to the request, asking for a devices listing that allows for the user to select the properties of the devices to display, including the one's you are suggesting, then allowsing sorting and filtering on these properties and other existing properties, like enabled / disabled, last activity, etc.