Wish I had never done 2.2.4 update

My apps were running fine before the update but now everything seems to be hit or miss. Sometimes the apps will run correctly and other times even though the trigger happens the action never occurs. My smarthome has become not so smart and acts like it’s drunk :woozy_face: In the beginning after the update almost everything didn’t work but over the past few days things are just mysteriously starting to work occasionally. To say that this is frustrating would be an understatement. Is there a way to go back to the previous version?

Yes, of course! You can reinstall a backup from the system/admin pages. Search is your friend :wink:

Any errors in your logs that may guide the discussion a little?


Under Settings > Backup and Restore ....there is a line at the top that says.... "If you want to restore a previous Platform Version click here"

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I am in a similar situation. I had to restart my hub a couple of times and suffer a lot of intermittent latency with some automations. It's a bit frustrating as it was hailed as a major update, but seems to have caused more issues than the little.

If it's too frustrating then I would roll back the update and wait until it's more stable. Unless there's something in the new update that you would absolutely wanted to use. There's no need to blame yourself for updating.

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But in the same vein, if it is something you can live with/work around, stay put and work with support to figure out what it is. If everyone rolls back, and support can't identify the issue as there is no data to look at, then it may never get fixed.

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Me too.
Chasing the slowwww response down, things got so broken after a soft reset and restore, I hard reset. Imagine the work...all devices gone, have to re-create rules.
And.....it's STILL slow with a handful of rules.

Here's another wrinkle: the rules you created in 2.2.4 might not work in 2.2.3 after you revert.

I just reverted, and now the first two rules I created in the new for 2.2.4 simple auto 1.1 give me this fabulous message:
(edit: maybe this is a good thing)

Good point. Any work done in a newer version of an app usually won't work after rolling back, and will need to be redone.


Rule Machine still seems to be working. I only had the garage door rules.

I created a simple rule in 2.2.3. Doesn't work.
So that's great: you revert and then can't make any automation rules.
edit: I restarted the hub prior.

You probably need to restore a database backup from the prior version then. Rolling back the platform without restoring backup only works if the database or app structure didn't change.

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When I updated to 2.2.4 I was having issues. Bravenel suggested it was probably mesh issues but I did not save enough logs to allow him to make a determination. I did not pursue it further with Support. I restored and restored a previous backup and I am up and running now and everything is stable. I don't see any ghosts in the z-wave details page now. I went ahead and just installed an Aeotec Range Extender near the devices that were suspect. I will let this settle for a while. I am hesitant to update to 2.2.4 again since everything is working fine now. I will just wait and see. If I have any issues when I do update I will save the logs and contact support.

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That's great, but I'm reluctant to mess with restoring from backup, at this point.
edit: Plus, I don't think I have a backup from 2.2.3 at this point.
So I'm back at 145.
Oh, and sunset/sunrise doesn't work as a restriction in a simple automation rule. Not just offset, which bombs it out, but straight sunset/sunrise. This is a big limitation.

My motion lighting app rule are running hit and miss as well

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My Simple Automation Rule 1.1 are not running well at all. Identical rules that were created before the update are running perfectly. I actually have to re-use the existing original rules (non- 1.1) to make them work.

Simple stuff, like to turn on a switch when motion is detected, is not working in the latest update with Simple Automation Rule 1.1 I've used Vera, Smartthings, Homeseer, and now Hubitat. Frankly, this is ridiculous. Can't even add a simple Z-wave light bulb now...


Having motion turn on the lights in the middle of the day is one thing, but it really looks bad on the outside coach lights. Luckily the Zooz outside motion has a couple of dials to adjust, so I'll be using them instead of sunset tonight.

I'm definitely seeing some odd behavior too. But I decided it was not worth it to roll back. Sometimes deleting them and recreating them resolves the problem.

Just happened now I have a simple automation which turns lights off after 5 min of a motion zone going inactive (that is set on 5 as well so 10 total). I'm walking round between the 2 sensors which make up the zone and bam all the lights go out!

Is it a Simple Automation Rule 1.1 or just Simple Automation Rule? If 1.1, see if you can re-purpose one of the old non-1.1 rules and test with that. Don't delete any old non-1.1 rules. You can's make new ones and those old version rules are the ones that seem to work.