Wireless Question - Hubitat, Ring Alarm/First Alert Smoke/CO alarms

Could be coincidence, but strange timing. I recently updated to, and noticed that my First Alert CO/Smoke detectors that I have connected to my ring alarm are going offline. I do have the Alexa. Anyone see this, or just my crazy luck. :slight_smile: I think they are zwave, right? Any potential conflicts there?

Any ghosts in your z-wave table? Any zooz products in your mesh? Anything in your logs?

I have had some issues with Ring Z-Wave devices going offline. I contacted Ring support the first time it occurred and they were able to confirm that there was a device that was flooding the frequency. (They are able to get this information from the Ring Alarm Hub apparently, but this is not something users have access to.)

To fix the issue, I shut down the power to all devices in the house (I turned off the main breaker - anything that needs constant power (entertainment system, network, Hubitat, etc.) is on UPS). This solved the problem. The devices - locks in this case - came back on line.

I since purchased a Z-Wave toolbox and when it happened a second time, I was able to see that there was indeed something flooding one of the Z-Wave frequencies. I found the culprit to be one of my Inovelli Z-Wave switches. Pulling the air gap resolved the problem.

Hope this helps!