Wireless hose valve

Is there a currently available wireless hose valve for use with HE.

Do you mean like a garden hose? There is the Orbit 27087-03 zigbee hose timer for which there is a built-in Hubitat device driver.

Sadly, they aren't made any more, but are still available on eBay.

FWIW, many of us on the Hubitat community have used that particular eBay seller (alex_sari) and have never had a complaint. I've purchased many items from him myself.


I've had great success with Solenoid Valves - just wire them with a cord and plug into a smart outlet (in an outdoor box).


Note: only for simple stuff. Get any more crazy and you have to start worrying about back pressure etc.


Probably on the expensive side for most (costs more than a HE hub) but I use LinkTap.

No app for HE that I'm aware of but it's a very simple API if someone wanted to write an app for it.

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Just ordered a used one from him. I couldnt find anything else short of the multi-outlet ones ($) or the Rachio thing ($). Over kill for a single string of drippers. :man_shrugging:

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No power anywhere near my faucet. Again, too much for a single hose.

I have a WaterCop on the house side of the main (manual) water shut-off valve in the basement, and it was not at all cheap.

Erktrek's suggested solenoid value plus smart outlet would be far, far cheaper. But let me add that one wants to take care to use 100% copper fittings and soldered connections as much as possible when installing any of these, no threaded PVC fittings.

I wasted my time and money on several PVC fittings, only to have each of them leak. No amount of teflon tape was going to make those PVC threaded fitting stop seeping water. So, pay for copper the first time, and maybe even order and wait for things that are not in stock at the hardware store to get the minimal set of fittings.

But the "raindrop detector" PC boards used in Arduino are another handy thing that can directly replace a reed switch in the early, non hall-effect door sensors, so it is easy to get the whole "water leak" issue addressed, which is one of the simplest ways to justify a system, if one has battery backup unit for the hub and the Water shut-off valve.

As noted, I've purchased a used Orbit on Ebay. I didn't need a whole house valve, just a wireless hose valve for drip irrigation. There doesn't appear to be a cost effective replacement for the discontinued Orbit valve.

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It works! Takes a loooong time to initialize upon pairing. I kept giving up thinking it was "frozen" but on the last attempt I walked away for a while and when I came back.... viola!.... connected. Makes big CLUNK when opening or closing so I won't need "feedback".... I can hear it at the other end of the house. "Bang!... water's up!" :laughing:


I was SO pumped to find this.. and this link. But out of stock!!!

I have a leaking pool that needs water added... but I need to control it as to not kill my well. Hoping to find one somewhere... if anybody has any suggestions.

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Have you considered @erktrek's suggestion:

A solenoid valve + a controlled outlet would set you back about $40, which is still very reasonable. The valve @erktrek linked to was $20. An Ikea Tradfri Control Outlet, which works with Hubitat, is about $10

Thanks for the quick response. I initially discarded that thought. But in the googling I've done since this is looking more attractive. But so is a manual timer where I push a button to just run the hose for 1 hour and turn off so I don't run the well dry. Will sleep on it.

They work great for my purpose - watering plants on my back porch and tomato plant containers. The units are well built and have worked over the last 2 seasons.

If you decide to go for the valve and want to attach a standard hose you also need adapters:

And would strongly recommend using PTFE tape around the threads.

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Did you search Ebay entirely for that part number? I saw several sources.

Here's what I found. At least one of those eBay sellers is not selling the correct thing.

@2ndchanceor I did search eBay. Only other one was the one @aaiyar found and I contact the seller to ask them to confirm model # but based on pic it's a "legacy" digital timer

:man_shrugging: Sucks, huh? I may have gotten the last one that other fella had. Note that the Zigbee and non-Zigbee models are absolutely identical. There's an "Iris" logo on the back of the Zigbee version that distinguishes it.

My Orbit Hose valve takes approx. 12 seconds from pressing ‘open’ or ‘closed’ on the device page for the solenoid to activate.
And yeah they’re loud.
It works every time, it’s just weird having that long delay and I wondered if this is normal behavior ??


Just throwing this out there too @adamkempenich worked with Zooz on making a smart sprinkler system using their Zen16 multi relay


Lol that is awesome.

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