Wired Sensor (contact and presence)

Hello, I'm looking for integrate wired sensor in hubitat.
Both contct for windows and presence.
There are a lot of quite invisible wired sensor for konnex or arduino.
There is a way to integrate in hubitat this kind of sensor?
They are more reliable then wireless sensor.


You could do a hybrid approach - use a zwave relay or something. There are lots of companies that make them. Would still be zwave to HE but the rest could be all wired.

You could also use something like Konnected (a commercial product) or HubDuino (a community-created set of drivers for Hubitat) to get wired devices like that into Hubitat. I haven't done this myself, so I probably won't be much more help,than just pointing you this way.

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Are these sensors part of an alarm system? Do you have an alarm panel? If yes depending on the brand you might be able to connect it to Hubitat via Envisalink, Alarm Decoder, or Konnected.

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