Wired Contact sensor integration

My house was wired for an old ADT type alarm system that I no longer use. All my windows and doors have recessed wired contact switches that the old system would detect as being closed or open as the windows/doors were moved. Other than buying 20+ Schlage sensors that would each get one of my old contacts wired in to the screw terminals, does anyone have a product suggestion for a device that would serve as a multi channel z wave or Zigbee band hub? I primarily want this so that I can generate notifications when each door or window is opened or closed and maybe include those events into some automations. I don’t necessarily want an audible alarm, so Ive stayed away from alarm systems. I’d like to utilize my existing contact switches because they aren’t really visible like the magnetic switches on a typical new z wave door/window sensor and I’d like to hard wire the new device so I’m not buying a battery factory to power them. I’m even open to building a electronics board if anyone has experience and some guidance.

As has been already mentioned there's the Konnected device which is pretty cool.

Alternatives would be using an alarm panel such as an ELK M1 or a DSC panel and integrate those with Hubitat. I think there are drivers/apps for both already available and those systems are very well known and reliable. You can get a DSC board pretty cheap online or go with a bare ELK M1 board. Both provide options to expand if so desired for the future for full alarm capability.

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I just have z-wave UBSs (new version is Fibaro implant) in each room to monitor the door and the window. If I was doing it again I probably would go down the konnected route but my way works perfectly aswell.

You can also DIY this using my HubDuino integration for Hubitat. Basically allows you integrate all of these existing wired sensors for a very low cost compared to the alternatives that have already been mentioned.

My house was pre-wired for an alarm system. So I simply added magnetic reed switches to all of my doors and tied everything back to an Arduino which has been feeding data and controlling my garage doors for years.