Winter is coming and looking to measure Indoor Air Quality

...can you provide a link to where you posted these directions?

Here is the thread I created for this. I have even tweaked it a bit since this so I can send updated to AirGradients dashboard as well as Hubitat. So far it seems to work well.

I'm not super satisfied with my Frient sensor. Maybe I'm wrong but it should be reporting a number between 1-5 as AirQualityIndex, but it sometimes goes up to 18. Can anyone help with how to translate that number to the 1-5 scale ?

The AQI can be calculated different based on your region. If you are in the US it can go up into the hundreds. Here is a link to a table that will give you a basic idea of what each one means. Keep that is for the US though so if you are in a different region you may need to look your region up.

AQI Basics

I'm in Ireland but still.... it goes up to 18< ...thanks for the attachment I'm going to check. What's the actual built-in attribute is based on ?

and what can I do to have a "normal" reading ?

-- This table you sent is great! thanks! just hopingt that the number I get from my device is according to this table :smiley:

another interesting question is, why is this difference between US and EMEA ? or between country to country. I was contacting the vendor, they said I have to ask the developer of the driver. now I don't know if I can trust the device or not at all.

The problem is each country can have their own way of calculating the AIQ and use different items to calculate it. So the US way could be fairly off for your local region to the point it wouldn't make sense.

I would do 2 things. First i would look up what is the proper way to calculate it for your region/country and then if using the built in driver open a new thread and link support to help with it.

good idea. will open a new topic for that and let's see.

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